Chemotherapy Immune System Boost
for Chemo Side Effects & Better Survival

A chemotherapy Immune system boost is the new immunotherapy cancer treatment.

Whether you want to protect against the damaging effects called chemo's "side effects" or simply improve you chances of survival, there's a new "kid on the block" that's being added to chemo and radiation therapy.

  • Scientists are discovering that cancer patients who have a strong immune response have a far better survival rate than those who don't!

Hopefully you have already been selected for immunotherapy cancer treatment by your doctor, if you have cancer. 

  • But if a chemotherapy immune system boost is not part of your treatment, you'll want to find a proven to keep a high immune system during treatment.

Best Chemotherapy Immune System Help?

When you have cancer, there are things you can't control:

  • Your doctor has likely told you to avoid herbs and vitamin supplements that might interfere with the chemo drugs, but to take high protein supplements instead.
  • Fortunately, there is now a SAFE, proven, PROTEIN immune system boost.

There is now a medical protein that's been clinically shown to "optimize" the immune system that's been PROVEN SAFE with cancer treatment.  It is available to the public, and can be ordered, so that you can easily add this protein supplement to your diet!

Yes, there is a natural chemotherapy immune system boost to lessen your side effects and improve your chances for long term survival.!

You can now use an immunotherapy cancer treatment to:

  • Lower your risk of INFECTION.  The risk of infection during cancer treatment can be very high. Infections can delay your treatment or stop it altogether.

You can now be REASSURED! There is a chemotherapy immune system treatment that will OPTIMIZE your immune system but NOT interfere with your cancer treatment either!

  • You CAN take back control and feel better NOW! Your white blood cell counts, or "markers" will improve and you'll be able to withstand the treatment doses that are recommended for you.

Adding a medical protein will also help process the chemo toxins so you will get FEWER or NO CHEMOTHERAPY SIDE EFFECTS!

Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment

Medical scientists have indeed found “nature’s secret” for better anti cancer protection:

  • Scientists developed a medical protein that does NOT to interfere with any cancer treatments
  • There's a protein supplement that helps you tolerate stronger doses of chemo and radiation, so you need fewer treatments
  • A high immune system also helps to decrease tumors, before, during and after treatments
  • A healing protein can boost the “healthy cells” -- of your immune system, your detox organ, the liver, your red and white blood cells -- for a better chance to regain vitality.

Scientists have unlocked one of nature’s profound anti cancer secrets. But because it is a protein and not a drug, your doctor may not have heard about this best supplement for a high immune system.

What Are People Saying?

People find that they “breeze through” their medical treatment with little or no chemotherapy side effects!

Here’s Wendy S’s experience:

“My hair did not fall out, and I was back at work, and cancer free six months after treatment for ovarian cancer and tumors -- two years after my first bout with breast cancer."

People take this protein along with treatment for:

• lung cancer

• lung cancer metastasis

• cancer weight loss

• leukemia symptoms

• acute leukemia

• chronic leukemia

• hodgkins lymphoma

• non hodgkins lymphoma

• ovarian cancer

• liver cancer metastasis

• colon cancer

• kidney tumor

• brain cancer

• breast cancer

You may ASK US:

  • To be sent reports from people with serious cancers who were helped by this protein
  • The science of how and why this works for a high immune system

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Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment

It is now becoming widely recognized that a high immune system gives you much better odds.

What does the doctor who has won the Nobel Prize for Medicine know that YOUR doctor likely does NOT?

  • Dr. Luc Montagnier won the NOBEL PRIZE for MEDICINE for discovering the AIDS virus.

He wrote a chapter in his book about how a medical protective protein helps with cancer as well as HIV/AIDS, and even against neurological diseases.

  • A world class scientist has shown this supplement  to have a “negative inhibition feedback loop” which helps shrink tumors.

Many oncologists are now being introduced to the scientific research for this protein supplement, and immunotherapy cancer treatment is becoming much more common.

Best for Weak Immune System Symptoms?

YES, there is a medically proven healing protein that's been studied with 42 published research articles and clinical trials.

It has been clinically shown to "optimize" the immune system.

YES, it is listed in the reference book on your doctor’s desk -- the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference)

  • Your oncologist may know that tumors “rob” the rest of the body of its protective glutathione. By replenishing the body's glutathione, (by providing the nutritional pre-cursor cysteine) the tumors "relax" while feeding the immune system directly so that cancer therapy becomes more effective. This is called a "negative feed back loop."
  • More about a high immune system, GSH and Cancer

This is called by the scientists who discovered it, “nature’s gift” against cancer!

High Immune System Helps Shrinking Tumors?

An ideal protein "optimizes" the immune, for a high immune system, AND it improves your ability to detox the chemo drugs.

Why is that important?

Your liver has to detox the poisonous chemo drugs after these drugs have done their job, and get them out of your body safely.

That is why you will get LESS chemotherapy SIDE EFFECTS!!

  • YOU, however, might get very excited by a scientific study showing how this protein IMPROVES liver function and inhibits tumors.

YOU are as likely as your doctor to get EXCITED about a medical supplement that is NATURE’S CANCER PROTECTION that's both SAFE and PROVEN.

Ask Us for the Science:

Even if you are not a scientist, you may want to know about published studies showing there is a protein that's SAFE to use with both CHEMOTHERAPY and RADIATION TREATMENT, and not to interfere.

You may ASK US for:

  • 42 clinical trials, 75 international patents including a patent for the “prevention and treatment of cancer” and “oxidative stress.”

While the science is complex, you may be able to get the “gist” of how this protein helps prevent and treat cancer.

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Why Does Chemo have Serious Side Effects?

To kill cancer, doctors sometimes come close to killing their patients because conventional chemotherapy drugs are essentially poisonous. Often it is a fine line! 

The future hope is that, chemo drugs will become more targeted, with less damage to normal healthy cells, causing weak immune system symptoms.

  • For now, a high immune system is best to strengthen the body’s natural defenses to prevent the cancer from coming back or the cancer from spreading.

NOW you and your doctor can be assured by using a NATURAL supplement that's been clinically proven NOT TO INTERFERE with cancer treatments and that's listed in your doctor's reference book, the PDR -- the US PHYSICIAN'S DESK REFERENCE.

What Does Chemo Kill Along with Your Cancer?

Chemotherapy, which has been one of the principal treatment methods for the past 50 years still has a “scatter gun” approach.

Chemo works by killing all cells throughout your body that multiply and divide rapidly. Chemo kills not only CANCER cells, but also other rapidly multiplying and dividing HEALTHY cells, such as:

• bone marrow, which produces blood and immune cells

• the digestive system

• the reproductive system

• hair follicles

This is an overkill approach that causes long term problems including

Most Common Chemotherapy Side Effects

Nausea and Vomiting: are the most typical chemo side effects.

Appetite: Desire to eat fades and eating habits change, along with food dislikes changing day-to-day. Chemo drugs also cause temporary changes in taste and smell, making food less appetizing.

Hair Loss: Hair loss can occur on all parts of the body. Patients may lose the hair on their head, including some or all eyelashes and eyebrows, and on their body, including pubic, chest and underarm hair.

Flu Symptoms: Tiredness, muscle aches or headaches and chills can begin as soon as an hour after treatment and last up to three days.

Skin: Minor skin irritations may develop as side effects, including redness, rashes, itching, peeling, dryness and acne.

Bleeding or Bruising: Red spots under the skin, unusual bleeding from gums or nose, bleeding from the bladder or rectum and vaginal bleeding happen because chemo affects the body’s ability to make platelets, which help with clotting.

Diarrhea and Constipation: Irregularity ranging from loose, frequent stools to great trouble moving bowels.

Oral: Mouth, throat and tonsils can become very dry, making talking, chewing and swallowing very difficult.

Mouth: Sores can develop on the tongue and lips as chemotherapy side effects.

Eyes: Eyes become very water, red, sore or dry and temporary changes in vision are possible.

Infections: Many chemo drugs negatively affect the immune system, limiting the body’s ability to fight infection.

If you need chemo or radiation treatment for cancer, do you know…

  • how to avoid MOST or ALL chemotherapy side effects?
  • how to improve your immune "markers" and "blood counts"?
  • how to feel better before, during and after your treatments?
  • how to stop cancer WEIGHT LOSS – the serious “muscle wasting” that happens when the cancer takes its toll?
  • when the doctors “get the cancer” how do you guard against it coming back?
  • you don't want diarrhea, vomiting, infections, tiredness or chemo brain?

Waiting for New Cancer Drugs?

In the future, cancer drugs may be more targeted, like the cocktail of drugs now used to treat HIV-AIDS.

  • This approach will reduce chemotherapy side effects, but is not around the corner yet.

It was hoped that doctors would do a genetic profile of every tumor, identify the specific mutation, and then concoct the most potent drug cocktail possible for each patient.

This was the hope, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, who have set out to map all the genetic changes involved in colon cancer and for breast cancer.

  • However, these scientists expected to find only a handful of genes that help tumors grow, but instead they found nearly 200!
  • So while scientists are solving this riddle, cancer treatments are still "deadly. "

A high immune system is the best against chemotherapy side effects, so you would be wise to get the best chemotherapy immune system boost available!

You can help heal cancer naturally and AVOID damaging radiation and chemotherapy side effects with a protective medical protein.

Ask Us about a High Immune System:

If you have:

• lung cancer

• lung cancer metastasis

• cancer weight loss

• leukemia symptoms

• acute leukemia

• chronic leukemia

• hodgkins lymphoma

• non hodgkins lymphoma

• ovarian cancer

• liver cancer metastasis

• colon cancer

• kidney tumor

• brain cancer

• breast cancer

YOU MAY ASK US about how best to "optimize your immune system" for best cancer treatment results for YOUR DIAGNOSIS:

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Chemotherapy Immune System Boost for Less Side Effects, better Survival with High Immune System

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