Expert Weight Loss Tips: Diet or Exercise?
Best Weight Loss Supplement for Weight Loss Plan?

Here's surprising weight loss tips from experts, for long term weight loss.

  • Best weight loss plan for best belly fat weight loss -- what kind of diet or exercise?
  • Best weight loss supplement for best weight loss program?

Here's some surprises for your weight loss plan!

Over eight months, people lost a lot more weight on diets that encouraged eating a bigger breakfast!

  • A study found that people who ate a breakfast of 610 calories - that also included carbohydrates -- lost more weight than those on diets eating a breakfast of only 290 calories with LOW carbohydrates!

Although the low-carb people did better at first, in the long run, after eight months, they had re-gained a lot more weight, while the big breakfast people kept on losing weight!

  • A small breakfast could actually boost food cravings, so that your best weight loss program may not be the lowest in calories!

(Dr Alex Johnstone, Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen and Dr Daniela Jakubowicz, from Virginia Commonwealth University)

Weight Loss Tips: Belly Fat Weight Loss

Why is belly fat weight loss so hard?

What about Fat burning Exercises for Waists, Thighs and Hips?

  • Research is showing that reducing the SIZE OF THE FAT CELLS around the waist is important because of the health consequences of this fat, which includes DIABETES.

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity looked at three groups of obese women:

One group dieted, the second dieted and exercised MODERATELY, and the third dieted and exercised INTENSIVELY.

  • There was NO change in the size of the fat cells around the waists of the dieters.
  • But there was a reduction in the SIZE OF FAT CELLS in both groups of dieters/exercisers.
  • There was NO difference in fat cell reduction between the moderate and the intense exercisers!
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Weight Loss Tips: Diet or Exercise for Your Best Weight Loss Program?

Weight loss tips from research is settling the question of: "Is it better to exercise more or to eat less?"

At face value, both dieting and exercise are equal – they both work.

But exercise wins in the long run for best weight loss.

  • A new study tells us why, but it is NOT just because of the calories that you burn off while you exercise!

Weight Loss Tips: Not to Burn Off Calories for A Weight Loss Plan?

We've been lead to believe that aerobic exercise is necessary for healthy weight loss -- to burn off calories.

Yes, exercise, but the aerobic effect in itself is not the main point!

  • Even though you burn calories when training aerobically, you only burn a relatively small amount.
  • For example in a 30 minute jogging session you may burn around 200-300 calories depending on your body weight (especially muscle), age and other things.
  • What you've just burned is the equivalent of a large apple and banana.

But that's comparing it to fruits. Considering a Big Mac is around 500 calories, you can see how that's a relatively small amount.

So burning calories is not the point for a weight loss plan!

Weight Loss Tips for Weight Loss Plan: More Benefits from Exercise or from Dieting?

A U.S. study has shown that exercise gets the best weight loss because of better fitness!

Even though both diet and exercise are equally effective for losing pounds, there is a significant advantage to exercise, because you get fitter in the process.

“Weight loss through exercise gets you greater benefits because it increases your capacity to perform physical activity while diet-induced weight loss does not.” according to the lead researcher, Edward Weiss at Saint Louis University.

  • For the study, researchers recruited 34 volunteers -- 18 dieted while 16  exercised by taking a brisk walk for an hour, six times a week. 
  • After one year, both groups had lost about the same amount of weight – about 10 per cent of their body weight, which is considered healthy weight loss.

But there was a marked difference in fitness levels.

While the EXERCISERS MAINTAINED their strength and muscle mass and INCREASED their aerobic capacity, those who only DIETED, LOST all three:

  • muscle mass
  • strength
  • aerobic capacity

(Journal of Applied Physiology)

Why is JUST dieting bad news for effective weight loss the long run?

  • The muscles of dieters actually became “de-conditioned” because they were now carrying around a lighter load.

“Once a person loses weight, his or her muscles don’t have to work as hard at every day movements, such as rising from a chair, walking up steps or getting out of a car, explains Dr. Weiss.

  • Dr. Weis does warn that dieting is important for losing extra pounds in the first place, but what is most important is maintaining the new lower weight.

“If push comes to shove, and someone wanted to know if they should diet or exercise to lose weight, I would suggest exercise, provided they are willing to put in the extra time and effort and not offset the gains they make by eating more,” he said when the study was released.

Weight Loss Tips: WAIST Loss for Best Weight Loss Plan

Why did Drs. Oz and Roizen write a WAIST-loss book?

  • For one healthful reason: WAIST size is more important than WEIGHT, because belly fat is so strongly linked to many health risks.

You can ditch the scale in favor of the tape measure!

  • Belly fat, it turns out is the HARDEST TO LOSE and is "LOCKED IN" with long time overweight and OBESITY!

Obesity is considered by some to be a REGULATORY disorder of the hypothalmus gland in the brain that controls appetite and metabolism.

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Weight Loss Tips: How Much Muscle For Best Weight Loss Program?

Strength training is often promoted with the idea that increased muscle mass burns more calories at rest.

  • This claim is overstated says the American College of Sports Medicine.
  • Exercise can indeed enhance both your resting metabolic rate and the number of calories you burn post-exercise, but to what extent and how long is unclear.

While exercise boosts metabolism, dieting is known to decrease it.

The majority of studies show that weight training does NOT blunt the decline in metabolic rate that occurs with diet-induced weight loss.

  • So, while there are many good reasons to exercise, especially burning calories, don’t waste your time on activities that claim to speed up your metabolism for healthy weight loss.

Instead, choose the type of exercise that you can keep up and ENJOY over the long haul – that’s the best way to get rid of pounds.

Weight Loss Tips: Weight Loss Plan for Keeping the Weight Off For Good!

Keeping the weight off can actually be more difficult than losing it in the first place, but when you’re committed, you will want to consider:

  • Daily exercise – When you want to keep the weight off, exercise will need to become a part of your life. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to workout for hours each day. Try to fit in thirty to sixty minutes of exercise each day to keep extra weight at bay.
  • Weight training – there are studies that do shown that people that have more muscle mass will burn more calories, even at rest.

So for longterm weight loss, you will want to incorporate some weight training into your weight loss maintenance plan so that as you increase your calorie intake after a diet, you will be able to burn them off without any gain.

  • Getting support – You don’t have to join a club for best weight loss, but telling your friends and family about your goals can help to get everyone into supporting your efforts. When you do this, people will start to recognize that family gatherings should have healthy options as well as not always revolve around food.
  • Learning “No Sweat” Exercise - Fitness experts are revising how much exercise it takes to be healthy, and for weight loss for good. They have changed their mind about aerobics workouts as such:

Weight Loss Tips: Put Sleeping into Your Weight Loss Plan

Researchers are finding that after only two nights of getting less than 6 hours of sleep, an "emergency" hormone kicks in to STOP burning fat.

  • That is why insomnia is a recipe for obesity.

Getting enough sleep is not "a waste of time" but is needed for restoring balance, including activating fat burning hormones!

Best Weight Loss Program

Best weight loss program needs the focus and intention of an athlete who is training!

  • An athlete who is training is re-shaping their body with both diet and exercise, and sleep.  

Best way to lose weight?

  • Take care of your body, your immune system, stress levels and do it for YOU, not to please anyone else!

Best Weight Loss Supplement

The best weight loss supplement is part of a program for re-shaping your body -- with the focus of an athlete!

You may need help with de-stressing to balance hormones!

Why not try the stress relief pills shown to reduce the STRESS HORMONE cortisol?

  • Natural stress relief pills to reduce cortisol -- the stress hormone that may be keeping your fat "stuck"
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Best Way to Lose Weight: Best Weight Loss Supplement & Weight Loss Plan

We hope that you have new insight for the best way to lose weight!

  • Belly fat weight loss is key, and a measuring tape is more important than a weigh scale. 
  • A weight loss protein supplement can help you stay the course.
  • Get lots of sleep, and de-stress to melt pounds away more easily
  • Best weight loss program also includes checking for low thyroid and stopping insulin weight gain.

Best Weight Loss Supplement and a Weight Loss Plan That Works for YOU?

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