Best of Natural Sleep Supplements for Better Rest AND Pain Relief for Arthritis, Gout!

Beat joint pain AND sleep deeper and longer

What's the best sleep aid?

What does Dr. OZ say it the best of natural sleep supplements?

  • A UK study found that people slept 39 minutes more a night after drinking TART cherry juice for just a week!

Compared with prescription meds, people only slept 11 minutes longer than the control group, in a study paid for by the NIH!

YES, tart cherry juice makes your slumber deeper, AND, and there are BIG BONUSES!

One BONUS is pain relief -- for joint pain, arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis and a cure for GOUT!

  • Cherries have been “discovered” by scientists to contain surprising substances against PAIN and for getting you a better night’s rest!
  • No other fruit or vegetable has been found to have the PAIN RELIEVING properties of tart cherries.

To wake up REFRESHED and avoid addictive prescription sleep medications you can add a tart Cherry Juice Concentrate recommended by Dr. Oz.

Natural Arthritis Joint Pain Relief Supplement

Get Health Guardian ThermaMax® cream for IMMEDIATE pain relief!

  • ALL NATURAL:  Combines 7 healing essential oils with 5 powerful anti-inflammatories for FAST temporary relief from ARTHRITIS PAIN, JOINT PAIN, BACK PAIN, KNEE PAIN and SORE MUSCLES.

HG ThermaMax® provides pain relief when needed most without the “medicated” odor of other less effective pain relief creams.

Why Tart Cherry for Sleeping Better?

Yes there are ways to sleep longer naturally: tart cherries can help

If you have trouble getting a good night’s rest... you will get a DEEPER, more restful shut eye.

  • You will STAY ASLEEP better and longer.
  • If you wake up easily, you will nod off again EASIER.


The Montmorency, a tart type of cherry is the RICHEST source of NATURAL melatonin.

What is Melatonin? It is the natural hormone produced by your brain, which triggers sleepiness at night.

Why might you NOT have ENOUGH melatonin?

Because your Melatonin can be disrupted by:

  • staying up late at night
  • shift work: artificial light fools your brain
  • getting older
  • stress and anxiety
  • illness and pain
  • jet lag

Here’s how you can rest easy again:

  • Get lots of tart cherries ever day in just one spoonful

Beat joint pain while you sleep

GET ONLY THE BEST Tart Cherry Concentrate -- its easy and delicious.

Do you need natural sleep supplements for anxiety instead?

Try this Insomnia QUIZ for your best over the counter sleep aids and natural insomnia help.

Better than a Melatonin Pill?

Easy ways to sleep longer without medications

Cherries get you more benefits!

You get extra BENEFITS of powerful Antioxidants AND pain relief.

The anti-inflammatory properties of tart cherries work like naproxen and ibuprofen -- by blocking COX enzymes.

  • Health experts say to BOOST your melatonin with cherries. Why?

The SAFEST is to stick close to nature.

Take a cherry juice concentrate at the end of the day to:

  • improve your quality of rest
  • re-set the biological clock
  • help with PAIN RELIEF and home remedy for gout that often works better than the meds for Gout!

Ask Us for the Proof:

You may ASK US for:

  • A recommendation for the best organic tart cherry concentrate with 1,500 tart cherries in one 16 oz bottle!
  • STUDIES of the health benefits of tart cherries:
  • Tart cherries and DEEPER slumber, help with arthritis natural cure -- rheumatoid arthritis -- and a home remedy for gout that works better than their meds for many people!
  • Ask also to see the benefits for diabetes, heart disease and stroke prevention.

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A Tasty Supplement Arthritis & Home Remedy for Gout that's Better than the Meds!

Tart Cherries boost natural ways too sleep longer

Tart cherry juice can also help gout, supplement arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and headaches.

  • How can a flavorful cherry tonic help manage pain?

Because researchers found that the COX inhibitory activities of anthocyanins from cherries were comparable to those of IBUPROFEN and NAPROXEN at 10 M concentrations.

  • The anti-inflammatory properties of TART cherries work like naproxen and ibuprofen -- by blocking COX enzymes.

Therefore a concentrate can ALLEVIATE CHRONIC PAIN associated with INFLAMMATION, but without negative side effects.

A study from Michigan State University in 2001 found that, at certain concentrations, tart red cherry juice may be MORE effective than aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen for arthritis pain and inflammation.

The amount of anthocyanins in 20 cherries is enough to shut down the enzymes that are involved in tissue inflammation.

  • While providing relief from pain and inflammation, cherry juice does NOT cause the damaging side effects common with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Heart Disease Protection Too?

Natural complement for coronary heart disease treatments

Cherries are also thought to be effective in preventing heart disease. Why?

• The Anthocyanins in tart cherries have been found to help in the prevention of vascular diseases.

• Anthocyanins can protect artery walls from damage that leads to plaque buildup and heart disease.

• Tart cherry juice will bring down the inflammation leading to heart disease -- your CRP's or C-Reactive Proteins.

• In addition to these antioxidants, tart red cherries are high in potassium, an important mineral for those with high blood pressure.

How much Melatonin do I need?

We beat joint pain NATURALLY!

While there is no set "prescription" for the use of tart cherries, most people benefit from taking two tablespoons of tart cherry juice concentrate daily -- for a DEEPER rest and less time being awake.

If you're on a low-acid diet, you can still use cherry juice concentrate, just be sure to consume it in combination with other foods, or at the end of a meal.

Diabetics can also take the concentrate because of its low glycemic value.

It is a good idea to use tart cherries as part of your healthy eating plan every day.

Not just for a deeper rest, but for their amazing overall benefits!

Tart Cherry Juice Benefits Balance & Coordination & Bone Loss

Natural ways to sleep longer

Researchers at Oklahoma State University found that adding Montmorency tart cherries to a person's diet reduced bone loss due to age, in mice.

  • Improving bone density and bone-building during aging is not all!

University of Michigan researchers tested the effects of tart cherries on diabetic rats that were prone to getting a stroke.

  • Giving them tart cherry juice reduced their blood pressure as well as their balance and coordination in older rats.

Both teams of researchers figure that these benefits are likely due to the anthocyanins, or special anti-oxidants in tart cherries.

Tart Cherry Juice for Sleeping and Supplement Arthritis Pain Relief

Even finger joint pain causes can be helped naturally

The deep color of tart red cherries is a clue to their health-promoting properties.

They contain flavonoids called anthocyanins–naturally occurring pigment compounds that impart color to fruit, vegetables, and plants.

Flavonoids, which contain antioxidants, help to protect the plant from disease.

Research has shown that these natural plant chemicals also help remove toxins from the body.

Antioxidants help neutralize the free-radical cellular damage that accumulates in the body through factors such as stress, pollution, and a poor diet.

Two of the most potent anticancer agents–the flavonoids isoquercitrin and queritrin–are found in tart red cherries.

  • Researchers have not found any other fruit or vegetable with the PAIN RELIEVING abilities of tart cherries.

The antioxidants in tart cherries can help fight both cancer and heart disease.

Scientists have developed a score to compare foods.

Tart cherries have very high ORAC Score:

ORAC is an acronym for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It is a definitive test for assessing the STRENGTH of ANTIOXIDANT compounds.

  • Taking 5,000 ORAC units per day substantially reduces your risk of Coronary Heart Disease, Cancer, and other age-related illnesses.
  • Two tablespoons of a pure cherry concentrate can contain up to 5,000 ORAC units.

This equals more than 6 servings of fruit!

ANTIOXIDANTS are typically measured in Orac units. Nutritionists suggest that people should eat 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC units per day to improve their health.

Best Natural Sleep Supplements for YOU?

You may ASK US about a Tart Cherry Concentrate for:

  • Natural cures for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis pain, joint pain, GOUT or muscle pain e.g.  muscle pain after athletic workout:

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Natural ways to sleep longer!

We hope that you have found our recommendations for natural aids for insomnia and anxiety!

  • Researchers have found that Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate can help as natural cures for rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo Arthritis pain, joint pain and home remedy for GOUT.

If you have arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis or just muscle pain after an athletic workout, we hope you will give this approach a try first, before risking the dangers of addictive prescription sleep medications!

  • First take SAFE natural sleep supplements that can be tried without worry of drug interactions.

Go ahead and try natural sleep supplements to feel a LOT better!!!

Try natural sleep supplements: tart cherry juice for insomnia and the best of gout home remedies.

Natural Arthritis Joint Pain Relief Supplement

You CAN beat joint pain and get IMMEDIATE pain relief with Health Guardian ThermaMax® cream.

  • It has 7 healing essential oils and 5 powerful NATURAL anti-inflammatories.  This gives FAST temporary relief from ARTHRITIS PAIN, JOINT PAIN, BACK PAIN, KNEE PAIN and SORE MUSCLES.

Pain relief when you need it most,  without the “medicated” odor of other less effective pain relief creams.



Cherry juice targets antioxidant potential and pain relief.  Med Sport Sci. 2012;59:86-93.  

Tart cherry anthocyanins suppress inflammation-induced pain behavior in rat. Behav Brain Res. 2004 Aug 12;153(1):181-8.

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