Anxiety Attack? Why Natural Supplements
for Anxiety - not Addictive Sleep Meds

Before taking meds for an anxiety attack, anxiety panic or for better sleep and insomnia relief, here's what to know:

  • What's wrong with prescription sleep medications?

You might instead, try proven natural alternatives. Why?

  • Research shows that sedatives like Valium and Ativan are addictive. What does that mean?

“Your body acclimatizes to them in a matter of weeks, and when you stop using the pills, you then have real difficulty sleeping.

I don’t think they should be used except for very short periods of time because ultimately, I think they make sleep worse.”

Dr. J. Uetrecht, professor of pharmacology and medicine at the University of Toronto.

When you stop taking prescription sleep medications you have to deal with withdrawal effects including: 1 

  • anxiety
  • tremors
  • insomnia

Don’t these "safe effects" sound like what they are trying to treat in the first place?

  • Here's why you should consider natural supplements for anxiety attacks, anxiety panic or insomnia relief to avoid getting into the addiction TRAP:

Research Sounds Alarm on Prescription Meds!

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have warned of the “down” side of using benzodiazepines like: Valium (Diazepam), Xanax (Alprazolam) and Ativan (Lorazepam).

Dr. James Wright, director of the Therapeutics Initiative found that:

"People who start these drugs are often not warned that, when they do stop, they can expect to have withdrawal effects," if used more than a few weeks -- or more than 100 pills in total!

  • Withdrawal effects include anxiety, tremors and confusion -- symptoms that can last for weeks or months.

“These drugs are habituating. It’s known they tend to lose their effectiveness if used regularly, and you don’t want someone to become dependent on them because they can be extremely difficult to stop.”

"Since many health professionals don’t recognize these as side-effects, they simply prescribe more medications for this withdrawal!

  • The most common withdrawal reaction is INSOMNIA. So, when people stop and they can't sleep, they think they continue to need the drug," says Dr. Wright.

100 Days Max for Meds!

Researchers have sounded the alarm particularly over "Benzo" addictions, for instance, to Valium (Diazepam), Xanax (Alprazolam) and Ativan (Lorazepam).

By using these only with caution -- remember, 100 days max!

Best to try anxiety natural remedies first, and find better ways to deal with stress and anxiety attacks.

Natural Supplements for Anxiety

You may ASK US for a personal recommendation:

  • for clinically proven anxiety natural remedies
  • see the research for natural supplements for anxiety to help you "chill out."

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What Causes an Anxiety Attack?

“Anxiety is an overestimation of the threat or difficulty or a situation combined with an underestimation of your ability to handle it,” according to Dr. Lorina Kase, a clinical psychologist, author of "How to Beat Worry"

  • Anxiety creeps in when you are constantly under stress, she says.
  • Stress comes from demands placed on you from the OUTSIDE.

An anxiety attack comes from the demands you put on YOURSELF.

Dr. Kase suggests doing a regular audit of your workday and situations that make you uncomfortable.

“Ask yourself, ‘what am I thinking about that’s making me nervous?’ ”

Then write these down and challenge the preconceived ideas you have about them.

  • Simply by confronting these assumptions you will realize that the worst-case scenario you have imagined is unlikely to come true.

That will give you confidence to break the cycle of self-doubt and face up to similar challenges as they occur in the future, she says, and avoid an anxiety attack.

There certainly are very effective ways to "re-train your brain," that can be quick, that can help you release unwanted emotional patterns:

Proven Anxiety Natural Remedies for Relief From Anxiety Attacks and Insomnia

For an anxiety attack or a sleep aid, you may now turn to SAFE, NON-ADDICTIVE supplements that have been proven in clinical trials.

How do these help anxiety and getting to sleep?

  • There are new natural isolates that work on the same brain receptors as Valium and Ativan that are not habit forming. (they are anti-anxiety (anxiolytic) just like Diazepam and Valium.)

Some help reduce the stress hormone cortisol to help you relax and unwind, but also lose weight, because high cortisol signals the body to store fat -- especially around your middle.

  • What about staying asleep? There are also natural concentrates with melatonin that give a deeper sleep and improve your health.

Ask Us About Natural Stress Relief Pills:

You may ASK US about anxiety natural remedies:

  • Proven stress relief pills that have been clinically shown to reduce anxiety, that work in the brain like Valium.
  • Natural supplements for anxiety that reduce the stress hormone cortisol, for better weight loss. (the stress hormone cortisol keeps weight on)

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Anxiety Natural Remedies: Can't Stop Thinking or Worrying?

Can't escape from that nattering leading to an anxiety attack? We are all addicted to...thinking, says author Eckhart Tolle:

“thinking has become a disease...not to be able to stop thinking is a terrible affliction...but we don’t realize this because almost everybody is suffering from it, so it is considered normal. This incessant mental noise prevents you from finding that realm of inner stillness...”

  • It is the nature of the mind to be always restless, with no lasting or true peace.

Satisfaction from one’s achievements in the world – regardless of their recognizable importance or significance, or their number or nature – is only short-lived.

After every achievement, we soon look for something else to give us another or renewed sense of satisfaction, increased happiness, or sense of importance. And, we compulsively avoid that which we dislike or fear, that which is unpleasant.

Anxiety Natural Remedies: RELAX with these Sounds, Now!

  • You will want to explore Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's sounds to heal your mind, and slow it down, naturally.  You can also experience his pioneering work for improving Delta Sleep.

Anti anxiety and sleeping pills belong to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines, which work by slowing down activity in the brain, or the central nervous system, while allowing a person to breathe normally.

  • Fortunately, there are non-habit forming natural supplements for anxiety that work to calm the same brain receptors and the stress hormones.

Before taking prescription sleep medications such as Valium (Diazepam) Xanax (Alprazolam) and Ativan (Lorazepam) for anxiety panic or insomnia, try:

We hope that you have found the research about prescription sleep medications helpful.

  • Fortunately there are PROVEN stress relief pills that work for an anxiety attack -- anxiety natural remedies for better sleep and insomnia relief.

We hope you will try natural stress relief anxiety relievers to be able to relax and get insomnia relief.

QUIZ: Which Natural Sleep Aid Do You Need?


1. The benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome.  Addiction. 1994 Nov;89(11):1455-9.

Researchers report a "rebound" effect of anxiety and insomnia within 1-4 days of stopping these drugs.

There is also a full-blown withdrawal syndrome, usually lasting 10-14 days

A third pattern is the return of anxiety symptoms which then persist until some form of treatment is instituted.

There can be a physiological dependence on benzodiazepines after high doses and longer use.

It is unknown to what extent the risk of physiological dependence is dependent upon a minimum duration of exposure or dosage of these drugs. 


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