Why Try a Natural Alternative to Warfarin 
Treatment for Irregular Heart Beat?

Dangers of blood clot meds your doctor may not have told you!

Why consider a natural alternative to warfarin as a treatment for irregular heart beat?

  • Because warfarin side effects long term, especially as an AFIB treatment, include both dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease!  

Researchers have now found that to be a long-term warfarin side effect. In a study that followed 10,000 people for 7 years, those taking warfarin had a significantly higher levels of dementia.  

The lead researcher, Doctor T. Jared Bunch, at Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Salt Lake City, UT., found:       

  • “Significant cognitive risk factors” for long term warfarin use. 1

But there is more… the risk was much higher for those using warfarin for AFIB treatment, for heart irregularities.  

Warfarin is used as an AFIB treatment because with a heart irregularity, the blood can pool, and cause a stroke.  

Blood clot meds against a stroke and side effects of blood thinners increase dementia

So what can you do?  

Your doctor will likely say that a stroke could kill you tomorrow, so not to worry because Alzheimer’s is a slower process. 

  • Does that mean that you have to choose between getting Alzheimer’s Disease and getting a stroke? 

Don’t worry! There is a lot you can do.  Fortunately, there are natural warfarin alternatives, but first, the bad news on the side effects of blood thinners.

Scary Warfarin Side Effects for AFIB and DVT 

Why consider a natural alternative to warfarin?

Dr Bunch and his team found that these long term dementia effects were much stronger for those using warfarin - Coumadin as AFIB treatment:

Both vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease rates were much higher for people with AFIB: 

  • Approximately 6% higher with AFIB compared to almost 2% for people with DVT - deep vein thrombosis - or a heart valve problem.
  • Unfortunately, there was a higher risk of dementia for everyone using the blood thinner warfarin, even for reasons other than AFIB.

Best Natural Alternative to Warfarin for AFIB?

Fortunately there are PROVEN warfarin alternatives to help avoid both a stroke AND Alzeimer’s Disease.

Scientists have found effective natural substances to reduce AFIB as well as the risk of blood clots -- AND improve memory and brain health!

Dr Harry has dedicated his life to stopping heart disease and stroke. 

With a PhD in nutrition, and working with a Nobel Prize winner for the role of nitric oxide in ENDING HEART DISEASE, he created an effective natural alternative to warfarin.

Dr. Harry's formula can be safely tried for AFIB as well as for DVT and heart valve problems. 

Because it does NOT INTERFERE with warfarin -- Coumadin, it is safe to use either alongside or as a substitute.

See Articles and VIDEOS with Dr Harry on preventing blood clots naturally

Your doctor can likely reduce the use of your medications based on test results.

With Dr. Harry’s ENHANCED Formula, you will be able to see the results yourself:

  • To minimize your warfarin dosage
  • To stabilize your warfarin dosage
  • Prevent blood clots naturally
  • Safe natural alternative to warfarin

Options for natural treatment for irregular heart beat?

What did Dr. Bunch and his warfarin - Coumadin research team conclude?

That people should take prescription blood thinners like warfarin ONLY if they absolutely need them.

Atrtial Fibrillation or AFIB changes in heart

And, for people whose dosage is hard to manage, that they switch to newer more predictable drugs.  This is because these people also had a higher rate of dementia.

But if you are still worried, and not happy with having to choose between a stroke and Alzheimer’s,  you can safely add natural a alternative to warfarin.

There certainly is sound science showing warfarin alternatives to be effective in  decreasing both heart irregularities AND blood clots.

Best Natural Treatment for Irregular Heart Beat?

Best natural alternatives to warfarin treatment for blood clot

Happily, scientists have found natural alternatives to warfarin that are effective for AFIB, and for reducing stroke risk. 

A healthy brain and healthy heart go hand in hand. Exercise, healthy foods and natural supplements will improve both your brain and heart. 


Synchronize your heart and your mind to solve an irregular heart beat with:

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There is likely a natural warfarin alternative that can work for you.

Many people have become drug free using supplements or a natural treatment for irregular heart beat, to solve the problem for good.

Many no longer need blood clot meds due to solving the underlying problem, so that they no longer need to be worried about getting a stroke! 



1.  Am J Cardiol. Long-Term Population-Based Cerebral Ischemic Event and Cognitive Outcomes of Direct Oral Anticoagulants Compared With Warfarin Among Long-term Anticoagulated Patients for Atrial Fibrillation. 2016 Jul 15;118(2):210-4. doi: 10.1016/j.amjcard.2016.04.039. Epub 2016 May 5.

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