Why an l Arginine Nitric Oxide
Supplement for NO More Heart Disease?

Ending HEART DISEASE a puzzle NO more!

Who might consider an l arginine nitric oxide supplement?

  • How might an l arginine supplement benefit you?

You'll want the benefits of an l arginine nitric oxide supplement if:

  • You want to solve the causes of blood clots
  • You want better circulation to your heart and brain -- with less worry about a leg blood clot, blood clots in lungs or a blood clot in the heart
  • You want a proven natural supplement to lower high blood pressure
  • You want healthy cholesterol levels
  • You don't want clogged arteries, but you don't want to be on heart meds  for the rest of your life

L Arginine Nitric Oxide explained by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Ignarro

Dr. Ignarro's ground breaking discovery paved the way for NATURAL coronary heart disease treatments

The discovery of the remarkable l arginine benefits by Dr. Ignarro, was awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine 1:

"In the field of medicine and health, L Arginine is one of the most incredible revolutions of our time. The discovery that the amino acid "arginine" may be the "magic bullet" for the cardiovascular system." Dr. Ignarro (Nobel Laureate)

NOBEL PRIZE for a NATURAL discovery leading to heart supplements that both PREVENT and HEAL!
  • L Arginine, which in turn stimulates the production of Nitric Oxide, Dr. Ignarro explains, is made by  the body to relax and dilate the blood vessels in order to keep the blood flowing smoothly. 

Dr. Ignarro discovered how Nitric oxide:

  • suppresses ateriosclerosis and melts away existing plaque
  • relaxes the blood vessels to prevent high blood pressure
  • keeps blood cells (platelets) from sticking to the walls, slowing plaque growth  -  and inhibiting the accumulation of arterial plaque
  • keeps the blood vessels pliable and elastic to help prevent hardening of the arteries and unwanted blood clots

NO more Heart Disease: L Arginine Nitric Oxide Supplement

Dr. Ignarro's book, "NO More Heart Disease" was written to encourage the public to improve their own cardio health, after the medical profession pretty well ignored natural nitric oxide supplements.

Fortunately, there were doctors like Dr. Harry who were very excited!  He went on to create a supplement for "NO more heart disease!"


Here is what can happen for people like Steve:

Steve did not want to take heart meds! 

He found out about Dr. Harry's formula, and here's what happened:

"Even though my blood pressure was high -  around  185 over 145 for many years,  I refused to take medications.

Then, at age 52, I began using  Dr. Harry's l arginine formula.  

  • After just 3 months, my blood pressure is now averaging 120 over 70.  This product has truly been a  life saver for me."

Dr Harry used Dr Ignarro's findings for this top-selling special formula supplement that adds vitamins and minerals that strengthen the heart, including:

  • Grape seed extract, resveratrol, CoQ-10, Omega 3 from Perilla Oil, and vitamins and minerals needed to protect against a heart attack and stroke and prevent blood clots.

This Enhanced FORMULA l arginine supplement can reverse the age of the cardiovascular system!


Here are the many benefits:

  • supports normal blood sugar levels (Diabetes Care 2001)
  • supports lowering high blood pressure (Lancet 1990)
  • supports normal heart function (BJU Int 1999)
  • supports lower cholesterol ((J Nutr. 1996)
  • improved memory (J Physiol Pharmacology 1999)

The safety and benefits of l arginine have been shown in over 100,000 published medical studies!!




Ask Us about using L Arginine Nitric Oxide:

How can natural heart supplements replace a handful of medications?

You may ASK US:

  • For a supplement with blood thinner medications or medications for diabetes, blood clots, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
  • Using an l arginine supplement to stop or need fewer medications for cholesterol, high blood pressure or blood clots.
  • How to reduce the side effects of blood thinners with natural heart supplements

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Best Arginine Supplement?

ASK US how it is now possible to avoid the serious side effects of blood thinners!

If you have worries about a heart attack, stroke, or blood clots, we suggest that you discover the l arginine benefits for yourself.

An arginine supplement can help protect against the causes of blood clots, so you need to worry less about a leg blood clot, blood clots in lungs or a blood clot in the heart.

  • Typically, an l arginine nitric oxide supplement can safely be taken with your blood thinner medications! Why?
  • Because arginine functions differently than the medications, and does not interfere.

You will likely get very positive feedback from your doctor if you try this natural blood pressure supplement. 

If you are like most people, your doctor will reduce or stop your medications because you'll likely no longer need them!



1. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1998

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1998 was awarded jointly to Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro and Ferid Murad "for their discoveries concerning nitric oxide as a signalling molecule in the cardiovascular system."


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