Home Remedies for Knee Pain: 
New Science for Arthritis Knee Pain

Good news about natural low-cost home remedies for knee pain! 

Scientists have found a vitamin supplement for arthritis knee pain. Even your doctor may not know about this!  

  • Typically, natural vitamin supplements are not considered to be able to help as natural remedies for joint pain. But, this is no longer the case!

Researchers looking for arthritis knee pain remedies, headed by Toni Glover, tested adults with arthritic knee pain for levels of vitamin D in their blood. 

They took 256 adults who were middle aged and older, with osteoarthritis, and tested them for:

  • knee pain
  • balance
  • walking
  • rising from sitting to a standing position

What they found was that those with higher vitamin D levels in their blood had less knee pain than those who had either deficient or not enough vitamin D levels in their blood tests.   (The Clinical Journal of Pain, 2015)

Recommended vitamin D home remedies for knee pain:

The researchers found that arthritis knee pain was more related to low vitamin D status than to being overweight or obese. 

If you are overweight, you know that your weight is typically blamed for causing the problem!

  • The researchers advised that anyone with chronic pain should discuss their vitamin D status with their doctor. 

And if it is low, take a vitamin D3 supplement for joint pain and get safe sun exposure, especially in mid day.

Other studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency contributes to loss of cartilage and arthritis knee pain.

  • Dr. Ding of the Menzies Research Institute of Australia, found that vitamin D deficiency contributed to the worsening of osteoarthritis. 
  • Good Vitamin D levels slowed the loss of cartilage, delayed the progression of the arthritis, and delayed the need for knee replacements.

Loss of cartilage results in the "bone on bone" crunch of arthritis, so this is good news for being able to slow down the "wear and tear!"

So why not take a Vitamin D supplement for joint pain?

  • Of natural vitamin supplements, Vitamin D3 is among the easiest low cost remedies for arthritis knee pain.

Need Relief from Arthritis Knee Pain NOW?

If you can't get into the sun a lot. Or if you need extra help with your arthritis knee pain.

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  • Ingredients for increasing the missing synovial fluid to stop the "bone on bone" arthritis knee pain, for smoother joint function

For both pain AND re-building your joints, we recommend Dr. Harry's supplement for arthritis knee pain:

Which Home Remedies for Knee Pain Do You Need Most?

If you are discouraged, with arthritis knee pain that's NOT going away ...

...you may want to get more precise about which supplements or home remedies for knee pain you need... if:

  • You don't want to be on pain meds forever
  • You fear for the future, in that you might be going "down hill"
  • You are afraid you will not get your mobility back
  • You want to be more active and don't want to be left out of life

If you are afraid that you'll never feel OK again, there is HOPE for:

  • Getting independent, objective advice about your health that hasn't been paid for by a pharmaceutical to push drugs.

There is hope, if you want to:

  • Feel OK again with no more pain, suffering and treatments
  • Feel vibrant, young and alive again

There is REAL help for getting your health back and being PAIN FREE!

Best Help for Arthritis Knee Pain

We hope that we have inspired you to find proven natural remedies for joint pain.

  • Home remedies for knee pain, like Vitamin D3, now have the backing of science!
  • You will want to try knee pain remedies with both anti-inflammatories and healing compounds in them.

Get relief NOW with Dr. Harry's arthritis knee pain - joint pain relief. 

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