Curing Ringworm Infections. My story

by Ashley and

Hey guys, I have been on this website for a long time, and it has helped me out many times, and I feel it is time that I give something back to the community.

The one thing I could never seem to get help on here was Tinea Versicolor, or more specifically, Ringworm Infections.

So that is why feel honored to contribute back to the community, and hopefully help other people here too to overcome ringworm infections!

It all started off when my fiancée adopted a beautiful puppy at our local adoption center. He was so cute, and we were told that all the necessary medication and pills were done, so we did not worry. Big mistake! Within about a month, our dog started growing random "bald spots" on his fur, and we started just finding pieces of hair littered around the house. He looked sick and this was weird, so we took our little friend to a REAL vet.

Anyways, the vet came out later wearing a face mask and gloves, and told us the dog had tested positive for a an advanced stage of "Tinea Versicolor Fungus", or ringworm.

He sold us some pills and warned us to keep the dog in the garage because this stuff is highly contagious to humans.

And that's how we got ringworm! We didn't have health insurance so we put off going to the doctor, instead checked out a local pharmacy. We showed them our bruises and what we thought we had (I attached pictures below this), and he cussed us out! Expectedly, we were really concerned for our health, seeing as this was infectious. We were about to go to the doctor, but Google led me to this blog about ringworm,

I will post the raw link later if you want to see it. The blog was very re-assuring for me. Among other things, it told us that this was easily curable, and it was a good thing that we caught on in time.

Because it hadn't punctured our skin yet, it was just surface fungus irritating our skin.

Treatment at this stage was easy, using only natural oils and keeping the wounds well vented.

We kept our skin dry, and slept naked (that was nothing new, like the blog said.

We ordered special manuka oil Tea Tree extract oil from that site that we put on each other's bodies after we showered (it was kind of creepy but we were happy it was getting better), and we did this for about a week.

The ringworm was disappearing slowly, but my wife got fed up with the wait, and made us go see a doctor.

So a few days later, we go see our doctor, at this point 6 days after beginning to apply that natural oil, and he says that indeed we do have ringworm, and that it is at an easily reversible stage! Good news.

He went on to scare us how the fungus could have ruptured our skin, caused cracks, and various infections if we ignored it. Plus it would have burned and stung insanely. So all good news.

He gave us some prescription, a natural cream to put on our bodies, and he said to apply it and that we should see results after a week.

I told him we ordered something already from the Internet, but he told me nothing from the Internet could be trusted. He handed me a sheet of paper to give at the pharmacy, written in that in-decipherable doctor's writing, and led me on my way.

We got to the pharmacy, and picked up our order. It was really expensive, but we were happy we had something that would work. The funny thing? You probably guessed it. He just sold us the exact same thing we got from the Internet!

Only at twice the cost... And a doctor's bill. Now this is not a rant against doctors, I should have just told him what product we were using. Anyways we had a good laugh out of it, and went home.

We continued using the cream and within 4 days, all signs of the ringworms have disappeared. We still have that new cream from the pharmacy, luckily haven't needed to use it yet!

So anyways, here is the URL to that website:
If it posts twice, it is MS Word problem, not my fault!!

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my story, I hope we can contribute something back to this amazing community.

Ashley (with Mike still 3)

And below I am going to upload a picture aggressive it got on my now husband, it even got to our face!

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