Childhood Cancer's Alarming Life-Long Effects: Why a High Immune System?

Surviving childhood cancer has the price of later-in life health problems, say researchers.

Why eat foods that prevent cancer, with best supplements for immune system re-building?

  • Amazing advances have been made in treating childhood cancers!

Although there is great relief when our child comes through their cancer treatment, and is now alive and well, but...

...the long term effects of the treatments are alarming, showing the need for a high immune system, and foods that prevent cancer and strengthen organs. 

Parents need to bolster these children for the long run. Why? Here is what research is showing:

  • Thirty years after diagnosis, 40 per cent of survivors have a serious health problem.
  • One third of these survivors have multiple problems including stroke, heart disease and kidney failure, according to the largest study ever done on early cancer survivors who have entered adulthood.

One of the most common later effect for survivors of childhood cancer is hormone problems that cause delayed puberty and infertility.

  • As a result, some kids have developmental problems that affect their education.

The cancer drugs can also cause damage to the internal organs such as the heart, lungs and stomach.  

There is also a quite risk of more cancer for these children.

  • Here's why kids who survive cancer need the best immune system supplements and foods that prevent cancer and re-build - throughout their teenage years into adulthood.

Long-Term Damage of Chemo and Radiation

Exactly what is the problem?

Researchers report that, “It is now clear that damage to the organ systems of children caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy may not become clinically evident for many years.”

(Research team led by Kevin Oeffinger of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York)

  • Doctors have long known that cancer treatments can spark new tumors later in life. 
  • But they are now saying that survivors of early cancer are often sickly as adults due to other problems.

The largest study ever done, followed 10,000 childhood cancer survivors until after they became adults.

What they found, was that these survivors reported problems in the affected organ systems that had undergone treatment.

(Childhood Cancer Survivor Study, the New England Journal of Medicine)

  • They found that these childhood cancer survivors were eight times more likely than their brothers and sisters to have serious and even life-threatening health conditions.  Often these were ongoing. 

Childhood survivors of the more serious early cancers, had the highest risk of more problems. These cancers were:

  • bone tumors
  • nerve and brain cancer
  • Hodgkin’s
  • cancer of the immune system

The type of health problem is somewhat unpredictable.

For instance, some had kidney failure, which would have resulted from damage caused by chemotherapy or radiation.

Another typical problem the researchers found was from the many infections of childhood cancer, because the treatments hamper the immune system.

  • Drugs used to treat those infections may also cause harm, so that parents need to focus on foods that prevent cancer, re-build tissues, and best supplements for immune system.

Best Protection after Childhood Cancer?

Although the big picture for young cancer survivors is very sobering, some things have changed for the better:

Cancer treatments have evolved and become more targeted after this big study was done.

  • Kids undergoing treatment now may have different long-term complications.

Doctors have also become more sensitive to the danger of late-in-life side effects.

  • Fortunately we know how to keep a high immune system with supplements and foods that prevent cancer.

Especially important is re-building the immune system and organs of children who have undergone cancer treatments.

Fostering healthy eating habits for teens is tough at the best of times, but among foods that prevent cancer are:

  • blueberries
  • cranberries
  • strawberries
  • all berries and bright colored fruits and vegetables

Developing a love of fruits and vegetables would not be an option but a necessity!

  • Parents are also advised to add best supplements for immune building for kids best protection.

Best Supplements for Immune System Building

There are now proven immunotherapy proteins safe for kids!

  • The best supplements for immune system re-building and continued strength are immune proteins. These are the safest and easiest to add to their juice or yogurt.

You may ASK US for a personal recommendation for:

  • proven immune building proteins safe for children and teens
  • reports from others who regained their health with high immune system supplements
  • the science of how and why immune proteins help protect and regenerate the immune system as well as organs and tissues: kidneys, liver, heart, lungs and brain cells. 

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If you suspect that your child's health may be compromised, you may want Optimal Wellness Labs to help your child out.

  • Wellness tests are different from blood tests -- they are for underlying conditions, so that you get a ROAD MAP to WELLNESS for your child.

High Immune System for Childhood Cancer Survivors

We hope that you will be able to get your child back on the road of health with the protection of a high immune system.

Healthy eating habits with fruits and vegetables are important, but also consider adding the best supplements for immune system re-building.

  • If your child actually likes all kinds of fruits and vegetables, that's one of the biggest step!

Fruits and vegetables improve health, but for foods that prevent cancer, your child may need more. 

Consider giving your child proven proteins that strengthen organ and brain tissue, as well as the immune system. 

We wish you and your family well, and trust that you will find the best supplements for immune system re-building for your child along, with good habits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables!

Best Supplements for Immune System, Foods that Prevent Cancer for Childhood Cancer Survivors

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