Breast Cancer Natural Treatment? Scientists
Find How We Put Breast Cancer Cells to Sleep!

Here's breast cancer natural treatment help that you may not have heard of!

Researchers found BIG new breast cancer CLUES that go a long way to SOLVING the mystery of this cancer epidemic in the industrialized world.

  • The reasons for sharp breast cancer increase in the developing world have been a mystery.

Over the past 30 years, there has been an alarming 25% increase in the age-adjusted incident rate.

But scientists have new clues for breast cancer natural treatments:

  • Fortunately scientists have discovered what puts these cancer cancer cells "to sleep" on a daily basis!
  • They also now know what CAUSES the problems in the first place:

#1 Breast Cancer Natural Treatment: How to put Breast Cancer Cells to Sleep

"We have uncovered, for the first time, strong evidence that exposure of humans to artificial light during the night is a new risk factor for breast cancer," reports Dr. David Blask, a researcher at the Bassett Research Institute in Cooperstown.

His study found that women who were exposed to high levels of very intense light produced LESS MELATONIN.

  • Women who work NIGHT SHIFTS are more likely to get this cancer because their bodies produce far less of this vital HORMONE that INHIBITS this disease.

Melatonin, he said, "PUTS CANCER CELLS TO SLEEP at night!"

The brain produces melatonin during normal daily rhythms.

"This is the first definite evidence directly linking an important part of the brain’s biological clock mechanism with cancer growth in humans," Blask said.

  • This would explain why NIGH-SHIFT WORKERS have a 60 percent HIGHER RISK of this cancer than other workers!
  • The finding may also explain why nurses who often work the night shift have high rates of BREAST-CANCER AND COLON CANCER.

The study was published in Cancer Research, a renowned cancer journal.

Why Night Owls Get More Breast Cancer

To reduce your cancer risk, it is a good idea to "live a melatonin-friendly lifestyle" with a lifestyle:

  • That means going to bed earlier if you're a night owl, making sure the bedroom is DARK, and keeping the light dim in the bathroom if you make nightly trips there.

Although you may not have a choice about working a night shift, here's what you can do to protect yourself:

  • You need to be sure to get the right amount of sleep in a completely DARK ROOM when you are home, and on a REGULAR SCHEDULE.
  • Using a melatonin supplement is also an option. The hormone melatonin is normally produced by the brain at night, and puts these cancer cells to sleep.

MELATONIN, it turns out,  not only puts YOU to sleep, but also slows the growth of breast cancer cells by 70%!


David E. Blask, MD, PhD, found that these cancers get revved up by a kind of dietary fat called linoleic acid that revs up breast cancer cells.

  • "This breast cancer REV-UP-up mechanism gets REVVED-DOWN by melatonin." Blask said at a news conference.

"Nighttime MELATONIN is a RELEVANT ANTI-CANCER SIGNAL to these human cancer cells! Ninety percent of human mammary cancers have specific receptors for this signal."

  • The MELATONIN hormone seeps from a pea-sized gland in the brain when the lights go out at night.

It's the reason you get sleepy when it's dark.

  • Blask and colleagues found that MELATONIN PUTS THESE CANCER CELLS TO SLEEP, too.
  • When Blask's team put the lab mice with human breast cancers in constant light, tumor growth skyrocketed.

"With constant light, tumors grow seven times faster and soak up incredible amounts of linoleic acid," he says.

"DURING THE DAY, the cancer cells are awake and linoleic acid stimulates their growth.

But at NIGHT cancer cells GO TO SLEEP!

  • When we turn on lights at night for a long time, we suppress melatonin and revert back to the daytime condition."

Blask says that "When you take melatonin prior to normal onset of sleep, it will jump-start the sleep cycle," he notes.

  • "Many cancer patients suffer from sleep problems. Taking melatonin may also improve the quality of life in cancer patients by helping them sleep."

Melatonin can be an important part of both a prevention and TREATMENT strategy.

# 2 Breast Cancer Natural Treatment: Lack of Sunshine and Low Vitamin D

Northern latitudes, or lack of vitamin D3 is turning out to be a big factor, especially during the early years when our bodies are growing quickly.

  • Research has shown that women with adequate levels of vitamin D in their blood have a reduced risk of getting the disease.

“Women who get lots of vitamin D, especially in early life, have at lower risk of developing breast cancer, according to a study a Mt Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

“There is quite a bit of evidence that vitamin D helps regulate cell division and cell death and can prevent unhealthy cell growth leading to cancer” according to leading researcher, Julia Knight.

  • Dr. Knight’s team less breast cancer among women who: had an outdoor job, had outdoor activities when young, or regularly took cold liver oil or drank milk.

Breast Cancer Natural Treatment: How Vitamin D Prevents and Slows Cancer

Vitamin D3 - made by the skin in response to sunlight - may also have a role to play in fighting such cancer, scientists say.

  • It is possible, they say, that vitamin D actively helps to curb the progression, as a breast cancer natural treatment.

Researchers from Imperial College, London, did a small but significant study showing that vitamin D levels in the blood of women with EARLY breast cancers are higher than in those with ADVANCED disease.

"This report, while being an observational study, clearly shows that circulating vitamin D levels are lower in advanced breast cancers as compared to early such cancers," said the lead researcher, Carlo Palmieri, from the department of cancer medicine at Imperial college.

  • Certainly there is evidence that vitamin D - and sunlight - have a beneficial effect on breast cancer as a breast cancer natural treatment.

Countries that are further north and enjoy fewer hours of sunshine have a higher incidence of these cancers and women living in them are at greater risk of dying from the disease than those in the sunnier southern climes.

  • Vitamin D is also found in eggs and fatty fish, but experts recommend a higher Vitamin D dosage for most people.

It has also been shown that the vitamin can stop cancer cells dividing in laboratory experiments, which they must do for tumors to grow.

  • It is known that vitamin D can boost the activity of certain genes and dampen down others. One gene that is boosted is p21, which has an important role in controlling the cell cycle.

Breast cancer natural treatment: Vitamin D Council Experts

# 3 Breast Cancer Natural Treatment: Detox from Farm Chemicals that Cause this Cancer

Up until now, little research on occupation and breast-cancer risk has been done, but a recent, small study is very telling.

A team of researchers studied the occupations of all the women who developed this cancer over 2 years in the entire city of Windsor, Ontario.

  • These women were about 3 times more likely to have worked on FARMS than women who did not have the disease.

What’s more, those who farmed and then later worked in the AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY were 4 times more likely to have the disease, according to a paper published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

The researchers speculated that exposure to PESTICIDES would be the main factor, because many of these CHEMICALS used on food are able to mimic or block the normal functioning of estrogen and other hormones.

Chief researcher Jim Brophy, said that the No. 1 most likely cause of the elevated risk is the chemical exposure that exists on farms.

  • Many of the women who developed the cancer in their 30’s, worked on their parents’ farm when PESTICIDES were heavily used.

There was no extra risk of mammary cancer for women who never worked on farms and then went into the auto industry, suggesting that agriculture somehow primes women to get the disease.

  • The researchers found little difference between the women who got this cancer and the control group with respect to hormone replacement therapy, breastfeeding history, smoking oral contraceptive use, having a mother with the cancer and previous pregnancies.

Doctors tend not to ask about a woman’s occupation when trying to explain her illness, but this research is pointing very clearly at exposure to chemicals, especially when young, when the mammary tissue is developing.

Breast Cancer Natural Treatment: Detox Immunotherapy Proteins

There are breakthroughs in immunotherapy with nutraceuticals that counteract toxins and can strengthen your immune to fight the cancer.

  • Immunotherapy supplements have anti-tumor properties that have helped many people recover even after their doctor announced that there was nothing more that could be done for them medically.

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We hope that you will be encouraged to add breast cancer natural treatment for better treatment outcome and long term well being.

  • Best vitamin for immune system strength is vitamin D3, and you may need a therapeutic dosage!
  • Immunotherapy proteins can be safely added to a breast cancer diet for prevention and recovery.

We wish you well in adding the best breast cancer natural treatment to your regime, for a long, healthy life!

Breast Cancer Natural Treatment: Melatonin Shuts Down Breast Cancer Cells & Vitamin for Immune System

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