Best Way To Lose Weight? Stop Self-Defeating Habits Typical of Highly Successful People 

If you keep failing at weight loss, best way to lose weight may be to get out of a vicious cycle. 

You may be fighting your body chemistry, typical of the habits of busy people that keep them overweight.

  • Even with the best weight loss supplements, liquid diet supplements, the stress in your life may make losing weight hard!

NOT the best way to lose weight, according to researchers:

  • Not getting enough sleep will produce hormones that make you want to eat
  • The “Wall Street Eating Syndrome” sets you up for binge eating
  • Being under constant stress produces hormones that deposit fat

Best Way To Lose Weight: Get Enough Sleep

How can not getting enough sleep make you fat?

Recent studies show that too little sleep can lead to higher levels of a hormone that triggers appetite, and lower levels of a hormone that tells your body it's full and has enough fuel.

  • Researchers say that rising levels of obesity are due, at least in part, to chronic sleep deprivation, which is endemic in the work-obsessed Western world.

Even school age American children are not obtaining enough sleep and that sleep loss during the formative years of life could be putting our youth on a trajectory toward obesity and the metabolic syndrome -- and a losing battle with weight loss.

Researchers at the University of Chicago took 12 healthy young men and allowed them to sleep only four hours nightly. Participants reported not only being hungrier, but CRAVING calorie-dense, high-carbohydrate foods such as chips and cookies.

  • Loss of sleep alters the complex metabolic pathways that control appetite, food intake and energy expenditure, according to researchers at Northwestern University.

(Archives of Internal Medicine) They showed that sleep loss has an impact on the hormones related to appetite and food intake -- ghrelin and leptin.

  • Ghrelin, which is primarily produced by the stomach, triggers appetite in humans: The more ghrelin you have, the more you want to eat!

Leptin, a hormone produced by fat cells, tells the body that its energy stocks are low and that there is a need to consume more calories.

Low leptin levels are a signal for starvation and therefore increase the appetite -- not good for a weightloss program!

  • Dr. Taheri and his colleagues found that people who normally slept for five hours nightly produced 14.9 per cent more ghrelin than those who slept for eight hours. 
  • They also produced 15.5 per cent less leptin. The results held regardless of gender, eating patterns or exercise habits.

"It was quite amazing that a hormone can track a person's self-reported amount of sleep so well," said Dr. Emmanuel Migno, a co-author of the study.

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Best Way To Lose Weight: Stop the “Wall Street Eating Syndrome”

Stephen Gullo, a New York psychologist and weightloss counselor, talks about the "Wall Street Eating Syndrome," because it sums up the eating habits of so many of his time-pressed patients in the financial industry.

  • They either skip breakfast, or grab a donut and coffee first thing, and in spite of the fact that these people have extraordinary will power, they cannot lose weight.

And while the advice of eating a good breakfast is hardly a new idea, many people don't take it to heart.

Best way to lose weight is NOT by skipping breakfast. Why not?

“Skipping breakfast,” says Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist and author of The South Beach Diet, “allows blood sugar to drop and hunger to increase over the course of the morning, resulting in powerful cravings for a lunch that includes carbs of questionable value -- the very kind guaranteed to keep you overweight."

  • On the other hand, starting the day with a donut or sweetened cereal and orange juice -- or other refined carbohydrates -- can activate your appetite instead of controlling it, says Walter Futterweit, a specialist in diabetes and other endocrine disorders at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.

"You're getting a sudden burst of pure sugar, which causes an immediate release of insulin," prompting your blood sugar to drop.

An hour or two later, you may start feeling edgy, irritable, have difficulty concentrating and you're driven to eat again.

"It's a vicious cycle. It really disrupts the whole day," Dr. Futterweit says.

  • There is a growing consensus that if you are too busy to eat well early in the day, and skimp on or skip meals, you inadvertently set yourself up for binge eating or compulsive snacking later on.

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Best Way To Lose Weight: De-Stress!! 

Cortisol is one of the major hormones secreted during times of physical and mental stress.

Normally, cortisol plays important functions in sugar metabolism and blood pressure regulation, immune and inflammatory response.

During periods of prolonged or considerable stress, excessive amounts of cortisol can be produced which have been shown to slow down cognition (thinking), suppress thyroid function, alter blood sugar metabolism, and encourage fat deposition.

  • This may help explain why in spite of your best intentions and willpower, you are not successful at losing weight.

Help for Stopping Emotional Stress Eating

How to change frustration and negative feelings into being calmer? Want to eat less when you are under stress?

  • Researchers at the HeartMath Institute are recognized for their stress management devices that help people turn negative feelings and habits around.

This device and book can help you change feelings of anger, anxiety and upset, to experience more calm, and less stress eating:

Best Way To Lose Weight For YOU?

Make your life experience count FOR you, and if you have reached the age of 40, you will want a few tips from the experts!

Dr. Pamela Peeke offers advice for winning the fight against fat after age 40.

She is an internationally recognized expert in nutrition, metabolism, stress and fitness, and a frequent guest on national TV programs such as “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

Dr. Peeke provides insights into the different ways men and women approach exercise and physical fitness.

She also shares proven methods for losing weight, reducing stress through physical exercise, and harnessing the power of fitness in Fighting Fat Over Forty.

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Best Way To Lose Weight: Enjoy, SLOW DOWN 

Once you have reduced some of the stressors in your life, are sleeping AND eating properly, you can begin to normalize your weight and lose weight for good!


You may want to relax and enjoy reading The Slow Down Diet by nutritionist Marc David.

He offers a new slant, saying that relaxing the body while eating, fully enjoying each meal, and letting go of fears about food are the only routes to healthy weight loss.

  • One woman who worked out daily and didn't eat many calories (starving herself and then snacking) but failed to lose weight, he asked, "Do you like food?" She replied that she loved it.

He then asked, "Then why don't you eat real food, at a real meal? Why do you pay no attention to choosing what you eat, and quickly shovel it down in front of a TV?

  • She slowed down, ate more nutrient-dense, higher fat foods that satisfied her, ate at regular times and soon lost eight pounds!

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