Which Anti Aging Supplements Really Work?

Should you take anti aging supplements? Which do scientists say really work?

What if our lifespan is genetically programmed anyways?

  • Genetics, say scientists, is one part of the equation. 
  • Protecting against the deterioration caused by "oxidative stress," is the other.

Improving your health against disease, and increasing your lifespan, they say, is definitely realistic.

  • How best to do that? Here's what our top aging scientists say:

What should Anti Aging Supplements Do for You?

Aging, say scientists, is a progressive imbalance between anti oxidant defenses and “free radicals” that gradually win, causing inflammation and disruption, leading to mental and physical decline.

  • It is "oxidative stress", they say, that harms us.

For instance, when fats in the blood stream get rancid from oxidation, (lipid peroxidation), and when the cells of the arteries become inflamed, hardening of the arteries and of the brain begins.

  • But even more important, say cutting-edge scientists, is harm done to the communication systems of the cells themselves:

Inflammation due to "oxidative stress" impairs “cell communication” by disturbing the “insulin signaling pathways” and the “information regulating proteins” that control brain and body functions, thereby causing brain deterioration and aging.

  • Cell communication is also impaired in “insulin resistance” which is known to make you not only fat, but “older” faster. Cell communication also typically “goes awry” when cells “go out of control,” to become cancerous.
  • Most of the diseases of aging have "oxidative stress" as an underlying factor, including Alzheimers Disease, Parkinsons Disease, cancer, heart disease, Macular Degeneration, auto immune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.

How best to protect against this inflammation and damage?

  • A large body of research confirms that as we get older, there is an increase in "oxidative stress" and inflammation.
  • But the good news is that countless studies also show that lifespan CAN be increased by improving anti oxidant defenses against "oxidative stress!" 


  • A diet rich in antioxidant-rich fruits, berries and veggies, especially greens, as well as nuts, seeds and fish -- is the first line of defense against aging!

There is also a lot of scientific backing for adding:

  • a quality multiple vitamin with minerals
  • supplements for inflammation such as fish oils
  • brain-protective spices such as turmeric

But science is now offering more and better protection...

Most Powerful of Anti Aging Supplements?

Want the most powerful and proven anti aging supplements?

You get the best protection from the "oxidative stress" of aging from longevity proteins.

Whey protein has been known as the longevity protein but now there is a new generation of medical proteins that have been shown to:

  • effectively counteract "oxidative stress" against diseases
  • be "neuro-protective" against Alzheimers, Parkinsons, ALS
  • directly feed and "optimize" the immune system 
  • be anti cancer and anti tumor
  • protect the brain, lungs, liver, and eyes against degeneration such as Macular Degeneration
  • improve muscle strength

You may want to add one of these new "nutraceutical proteins" to protect every cell in your body (brain cells, your eyes, heart cells) against:

  • the cytokines that cause inflammation
  • a deficiency of cysteine, which is needed against "oxidative stress."

With a good supply of the protein cysteine, cell repair and cell regulation improves!

  • Every cell in the body can better protect itself -- to "be fully alive" -- to have the energy to be healthy -- especially for the immune system to be be on the job, e.g. of "nipping cancer cells in the bud." 

(Source: Oxidative Stress and Aging; Is Aging a Cysteine-deficiency Syndrome? W. Droge, Biol. Sci. 360, 2355 - 2372)

Researchers say that these new medical proteins protect against:

  • Cancer, diabetes, a heart attack or stroke and most of the diseases of aging, including Alzheimers Disease, Parkinsons Disease, ALS Lou Gehrig's Disease, and Macular Degeneration.

Ask Us for a Recommendation

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  • a personal recommendation for a longevity protein supplement
  • clinical research and reports from people who have restored their health with these longevity proteins

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Best Natural Vitamins Supplements to Take?

Which vitamin do you need as an anti aging supplement?

  • Vitamin D3 is the "new kid on the block" for congestive heart failure and as a high blood pressure remedy!
  • The importance of taking extra vitamin B6 and folate to prevent heart disease was shown as far back as 1980 with the Nurses' Health Study.

They knew back then already, that the “intake of folate and vitamin B6 above the current recommended dietary allowance may be important in the primary prevention of coronary heart disease,” making this vitamin a simple anti aging supplement for everyone. (JAMA. 1998 Feb 4;279(5):392-3.)

  • Although fish and fish oils have also been well established as a heart nutrition supplement, the role of Vitamin D is less known.

The good news is, that not only can Vitamin D prevent hypertension -- it is also considered a high blood pressure remedy!

"Hypertension appears to improve with vitamin D supplementation whether or not the vitamin is deficient."

  • This important finding is reported in "Benefits beyond the bones -- vitamin D against falls, cancer, hypertension and autoimmune diseases" (Dtsch Med Wochenschr. Feb 28;128(9):440-6. [Article in German] 2003)

Congestive heart failure (CHF) it turns out, is likely also caused by vitamin D deficiency:

"Low vitamin D status can explain alterations in mineral metabolism as well as myocardial dysfunction in the CHF patients, and it may therefore be a contributing factor in the pathogenesis of CHF." (J Am Coll Cardiol. Jan 1;41(1):105-12. 2003.)

  • This research makes both vitamin B and vitamin D among the most important anti aging supplements you can take!

You will likely need a vitamin D dosage of 1000 I.U.'s to 4,000 I.U.'s

Best High Blood Pressure Remedy: Anti Aging Supplements against a Heart Attack & Stroke?

Heart attacks and stokes continue as a primary cause of disability and death, in spite of major discoveries showing how the body can be healed to have NO MORE HEART DISEASE.

  • The best high blood pressure remedy and for dissolving unwanted blood clots is to take an l arginine nitric oxide supplement.

For best vitality and enjoyment of life, use less medication and take more healing anti aging supplements like a joint health supplement rather than harmful pain pills.

You may ASK US for a personal recommendation for:

  • best l arginine nitric oxide supplement for blood clots, high blood pressure
  • best supplements for immune system
  • best supplements for inflammation 
  • ideal protein supplements -- longevity protein
  • best joint health supplement

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We hope that you have been inspired to take the best anti aging supplements!

  • To buy health supplements is a worthwhile investment that will pay off in a life well lived and enjoyed!.

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