New Anti Aging Supplements: 
Slowing Aging with Immunotherapy Proteins

Science is finding new supplements for inflammation.

  • The best anti aging supplements against degenerative diseases -- as a shingles natural cure, to help against dementia and as natural cancer cure -- may well be immunotherapy proteins.  

You have likely heard about taking vitamin D3 and omega fish oils against inflammation -- for the immune system and the heart and the brain.

Lesser known are the immune regulating proteins against chronic inflammation. What are these?

  • We already knew that proteins contain “growth factors” which means that they help regenerate aged or injured cells, and that they build and retain muscle.

But now scientists have also discovered that there are special proteins that have disease-fighting properties beyond the normal protein “growth factors.”

  • Medical scientists have discovered immune proteins that fight disease by regulating the immune system against inflammation while improving its ability to eliminate toxins and to fight disease.

But first, what exactly is the problem to be solved?

Inflammation causes Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Alzheimers Disease and Depression?

What do Alzheimers Disease, cancer, a heart attack and stroke, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohn's Disease all have in common?

  • These have all been linked to chronic inflammation that is causing havoc in our bodies!

What is inflammation? It is an immediate emergency response from our immune system, as a defense against infection or getting hurt, with a sprained ankle or a wound.

What is chronic inflammation? When our immune system does not  "shut off" but continues to mount a low key "attack" on our own cells -- in our arteries, brain, joints or organs.

  • Rather than protecting us, this chronic inflammation drags us down and sets the stage for: Alzheimers Disease, cancer, a heart attack and stroke, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohn's Disease

We all know inflammation from a wound or a sprained ankle. The immune system goes into high gear to protect against bacteria and to help heal.

  • Instead, chronic inflammation is more low key and dangerous because:

The immune system does not "calm down" but remains in "high gear," and causes damage to our tissues -- the lining of the arteries, our joints, and our heart and brains!

  • Chronic inflammation drags us down and sets the stage for the diseases of aging and of the immune system -- auto immune diseases.

Diet and supplements for inflammation can help re-balance the immune system to calm it down to "cruising" rather than "over drive" and  in effect slow down the process of aging!

What is Chronic Inflammation and What's the Problem?

Chronic inflammation happens when our immune system constantly pumps out "cytokines."

  • Cytokines are the first-responder chemicals of our immune system. They are on the job if you have cut a finger or scraped your elbow.

These cytokines wall off the affected area so that damaged cells flow out and oxygen and nutrients flow in for healing. If there is an infection, the immune system will create antibodies and T cells to fight it.

But now to the long-term problem:

When the immune system constantly pumps out cytokines to try to fix problems that it can't, this causes chronic inflammation.

  • As we age, cytokines often are trying to fix a problem that they can't fix, and this "losing battle" wears us down!

For instance, with aging, our coronary arteries get little cracks or lesions. The body interprets these cracks as a wound, so to help out, the immune system sends out cytokines to heal these lesions.

Trouble is that inside the arteries these cells only make the problem worse! The cytokines add inflammation which sets the stage for the formation of plaque that eventually causes a heart attack or a stroke.

What happens in the real world as a result of this inflammation?

  • When researchers followed over 3000 British government workers for 10 years, they found that those with high levels of inflammation in their blood had one and a half times MORE heart disease problems, and were 50% more likely to die from a major disease such as cancer.

The Slippery Slope of Chronic Inflammation

As we get older, it becomes more important to keep inflammation down by lifestyle choices and with supplements for inflammation.

  • Why? Because if our body is on inflammatory "high simmer" this causes problems everywhere, including in the mind.

There are many new theories about depression being caused by "cytokine-driven inflammation" of the brain.  Alzheimers Disease and vascular dementia are also being studied for these inflammatory causes.

How to calm "emergency" inflammation signals?

  • Changing your life style may include eliminating gluten, for you, because grains and gluten are a major cause of inflammation.

This idea was made popular by gastroenterologist Alessio Fasano, from Massachusetts:

  • Gluten, he argued, triggers a system-wide inflammatory response where cytokines go an a rampage and make you feel terrible!

Gluten can cause anything from skin irritation to fatigue, anxiety and insulin resistance.

Lose Weight to slow Chronic Inflammation

Unfortunately, there is more -- fat cells are big time culprits!

  • Apparently, as we age, our fat cells turn "senescent" which means they quit working properly and "spit out" inflammatory chemicals on their way to dysfunction.

According to Christiaan Leewenburgh, chief of the Division of Biology of Aging at the University of Florida, it is fat cells that are the big problem.

  • Not only can fat cells no longer do their job properly, but they secrete harmful hormones called "adipokines."

Even if you exercise regularly, if you put on 5 extra pounds, this can spell trouble, according to Dr. Leewenburgh. What happens next?

  • These "adipokines" put us on a path to more weight gain and to type 2 diabetes.

Turning the Tide With Supplements for Inflammation

Both life style choices and supplements for inflammation can help us stem the tide, and help us push back the clock!

  • Wear and tear on or arteries and heart is inevitable, but our bodies also have the ability to regenerate and heal.

If we eat a healthy diet, deal with stress and keep our blood pressure low, there will be fewer "emergency" cytokines and adipokines to cause problems!

Here's the New Kid on the Block:  Cytokine-regulating proteins to the rescue!

Fortunately there are discoveries of how to help the body regulate its own immune response to calm down its "cytokine" attacks!

  • Scientists have found excellent anti aging supplements and life style discoveries against inflammation.

Here's what they have found to calm down those "cytokines!"

Our Recommended Supplements for Inflammation

There are new immunotherapy proteins that can help for:

  • A shingles natural cure, an alternative cancer cure or natural cures rheumatoid arthritis.

You may ASK US for a personal recommendation for:

  • Cytokine regulating protein supplements for inflammation
  • Reports from people who have been helped by immune regulating proteins to improve Alzheimers Disease symptoms, Parkinsons Disease symptoms, shingles natural cure, alternatvie cancer cure and natural cures rheumatoid arthritis.

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New Anti Aging Supplements and Best Supplements for Inflammation with Immunotherapy Proteins

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