Best of Sports Nutrition Ideal Protein Supplements? Nutrition Sport Fitness for Best Healthy Edge!

Anyone serious about sports nutrition -- and nutrition sport fitness experts -- know that athletes use muscles, and ... that muscles need oxygen ... and that using oxygen makes toxins, or “free radicals."

And we know that it is these toxins that make you sore and tired, and even sick.

  • So what does that mean for choosing ideal protein supplements?

What is NOT generally recognized is that the body has its OWN inbuilt mechanism that neutralizes and eliminates these free radicals and toxins, and that this mechanism can be enhanced.  

  • And, though we know that protein as muscle gain supplements, IMMUNOCAL is THE protein supplement to get rid of these toxins! It does so by increasing the body's detox molecule, glutathione. 

If we get Sore Tired and Sick from Toxins made by Muscles, then what?

How best to get rid of TOXINS and WASTE from exercise?

What do the medical sports nutrition experts say about this?

They say that when you generate more free radicals and toxins than your body can handle, there is less of a protecitve enzyme called glutathione.

  • This depletion negatively affects the immune system as well as strength, endurance and recovery time.

Overlooked Key for Nutrition Sport Fitness?

Powerlifter and Nationally Recognized, Certified Performance Coach Nicholas Theodorou:

"Enhancing the immune system helps my trainees, Olympic athletes and all sports enthusiasts.

I searched four decades for supplements that are safe, legal and effective, and the best I found enhance the body's own protective and recovery mechanism -- with the one ideal protein supplement clinically PROVEN to increase glutathione."

  • So, if you want the best sport nutrition fitness protein for muscle strength, endurance AND building the IMMUNUNE system...

Whether you are a professional athlete or just want to increase your running time...

  • You'll want to try this proven immune nutrition for sport enhancement that has over 40 medical publications and has been clinically shown to improve glutathione, muscle strength, recovery AND the immune system!

ASK for Exercise and Sport Nutrition Study:

We'll be happy to send you the studies for ideal protein supplements: 

  • Lab results for screening for Athletic Banned Substances
  • For improvement of muscle strength and endurance
  • For OPTIMUM immune enhancement

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Best of Immune Supplements for Nutrition Sport Fitness?

Why NOT TAKE A PILL to enhance your glutathione? A pill gets digested and does not get to your muscles or immune cells.

Medical science has studied a molecule called glutathione -- that is made in every cell of the body -- and it is just beginning to be understood that its role is key to the immune system as well as to strength, endurance and recovery time.

  • Even though there are over 70,000 published medical studies on the role of these studies don't tell you how to raise your glutathione levels, because taking it in pill form does not work.

You cannot just reach for a bottle of glutathione, PILLS because it gets digested and does not get into the blood and into the cells that way.

  • This medical sports nutrition discovery has only recently shown how to raise glutathione through supplementation, so that its importance is just becoming recognized within sports physiology.

Individual athletes and teams are now beginning to use this knowledge to "get that edge."

Exercise Is Good For You, But To A Point...

Yes, when you are in shape your body can withstand more stress and you are less prone to disease....

...but it is also well-documented in exercise physiology that with STRENUOUS EXERCISE, these benefits can TURN into NEGATIVES, especially as you get older. Why is that?

  • While moderate activity enhances the immune system, it has been repeatedly shown that too much exercise acts to suppress immune function.

Therefore, MARATHON RUNNERS who run over 60 MILES per week are twice as likely to catch a cold as those who run only 20 MILES in one week!

The Immune and Nutrition Sports Fitness

Dr. Larry Lands at McGill University in Montreal tested how the immune affects performance in a clinical trial for immune supplementation in sport nutrition.

  • He gave athletes a protein proven to increase glutathione levels.

Twenty healthy young adults were studied before and after 3 months of using the glutathione enhancing supplement IMMUNOCAL.

He then assessed their muscular performance by:

1.  whole-leg isokinetic cycle testing

2.  measuring peak power and 30-second work capacity.

What was the result?

13 % Improved Muscle Strength, Better Recovery

While the placebo group showed no change, Dr. Lands found that the group given the cysteine-rich sport nutrition (cysteine is the raw material needed for glutathione) had their STRENGTH and ENDURANCE increased by a remarkable 13%.

  • By using the type of protein that raises glutathione levels, their RECOVERY TIME and IMMUNE function improved significantly.

And they had a decrease in their PERCENTAGE OF BODY FAT while maintaining their weight.

Sports Nutrition for Improved Performance

This study clinically demonstrated that increasing the defense against toxins and “free radicals” with for better performance.

This sports nutrition improves glutathione, or GSH, which:

1.  increases immune function

2.  helps resist infection

3.  decreases muscle damage

4.  reduces recovery time

5.  increases strength and endurance

6. shifts metabolism from fat production to muscular development

Breakthrough For YOUR Competitive Edge?

Sports nutrition has focused on the body-building aspects of whey protein, but has tended to overlook the role of this bio-active whey protein that enhances both performance and your immune.

Big tub whey protein powders are processed and instant-ized and do NOT raise glutathione.

  • Sports whey protein powders are NOT processed to be bioactive to be able to raise glutathione levels.
  • The cysteine needed to raise glutathione has been homogenized and de-natured in the typical protein supplements for muscle growth. They do NOT improve glutathione levels.

The good news is that raising glutathione levels with this medical whey protein isolate is approved for and used by Olympic athletes.

Ask Us about Ideal Protein Supplements

You may ASK US:

  • To see the science for the best supplements for body building and endurance
  • Best supplements for immune system for athletes

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If you already buy muscle gain supplements, then you might as well get ideal protein supplements for your health AND performance with bio-active whey protein -- best immune nutrition for sport.

Nutrition for sport has come a long way! And you can now get the best of both world -- do the best for your health with the best of sports nutrition.

Sport Nutrition: Ideal Protein Supplements as Muscle Gain Supplements -- Best Nutrition Sport Fitness Discovery for Health!

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