Nutrition Discovery: Scientists find Glutathione Immune System Supplement: a Back to Nature Call

Here’s the story of the nutrition discovery of the BEST of immune system supplements.

This immune discovery also turns out to be the best antiaging supplement. Why?

Because this natural glutathione supplement (not a pill) boosts the body's critical defenses against degenerative diseases:

  • Cancer and tumors, Parkinsons Disease, Alzheimers, ALS, Rheumatoid  Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, IBS, Diabetes, Heart Attack, Stroke, Macular Degeneration.

Why? Because nature’s own best health supplement, glutathione immune system supplements strengthen your defenses -- not only your immune system, but your brain, your eyes, your muscles, your organs – ALL OF YOU!

How could that be? We are used to taking one pill for one disease.  But that is NOT how nature works. Nature heals by strengthening your body’s OWN defenses and repair abilities. 

  • Trouble is, you can’t take a glutathione pill either, which will not work. 

Why not a pill? The glutathione molecule itself is not well absorbed by the cells.

Instead, this antiaging supplement provides the building blocks for every cell to MAKE glutathione -- your immune cells, brain cells, the eyes, muscles – ALL OF YOU.

Our foods lack the building blocks due to heating and processing.  We also need extra protection due to stress, toxins and the strains of modern life.

Fortunately, the best of nature’s immune supplements replenishes the missing NUTRITION for each of your cells to regenerate and heal themselves:

...your eyes against Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma and Cararacts, your organs against cancer and toxins, your brain against damage from Parkinsons Disease, ALS, dementia and Alzheimers Disease. 

Best Immune System Supplements

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Nature’s Best Nutrition Anti Aging Supplement

Here’s the best nutrition discovery -- the best of mother nature’s own immune system supplements.   Not a pill, but a protein antiaging supplement that protects and heals!

  • Researchers all over the world have found that that low glutathione levels are common to MOST diseases. Yes, one single nutrition deficiency can cause Parkinson’s in one person while another gets cancer! How?

  • Scientists show that sick people have ONE common deficiency – they lack a key PROTECTIVE molecule called glutathione, or GSH.

Fortunately, scientists have also found nature’s own glutathione supplement! It protects against a by stress and pollution, so we no longer are targets for the disease you have a weakness for.

There are at least 80,000 medical studies that show a lack of the protein glutathione (GSH) -- to be linked to:

• cancer

• heart disease & stroke

• Parkinsons

• Macular Degeneration

• lung diseases

• digestive diseases

• diabetes

• Alzheimers


• autoimmune diseases such as:

• Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Lupus

at least 68 diseases.

Why don’t doctors know how to help you ?

Could it be that our doctors don’t know how because there’s a nutrition – protein - solution, and they only know about drugs?

So why can’t they just give us a pill or drug for this?

  • Could it be that the answer instead is a “nutrition solution” – a surprising “back to nature call” found by Dr. Gustavo Bounous, ascientist who was studying the effects of proteins on the immune system?

Usually scientists get paid big bucks to find profitable drugs -- very few of them study how we can heal ourselves with nutrition!  Here's what Dr. Bounous found...

Best of Immune System Supplements a Glutathione Supplement?

When healthy, each cell in our body makes enough glutathione (GSH) to keep our immune system strong, to PROTECT our brain, eyes, lungs, liver, muscles, joints etc. from the harm caused by stress, illness, pollution, toxins and aging.

  • But stress, exertion, illness and pollutants place extra demands and will deplete this molecule very quickly at times, leaving not enough to protect our eyes, our brain, our joints, our arteries, or our immune system, so they these become targets for disease.

What’s nature’s secret?

  • Cysteine’s the PROTEIN that keeps this protective system strong.

Scientists found that cysteine is the key BUILDING BLOCK needed to re-build glutathione when depleted, e.g. when someone is under stress, is ill, has had surgery or is elderly.

Fortunately scientists discovered a glutathione immune system protein  to remedy the situation.

Why can’t I just take a Glutathione PILL?

That’s like trying to eat a brain to get smart says Dr. Gutman, a glutathione expert.

Because we do NOT absorb it from our food or from a pill, but instead we need the RAW MATERIALS!

  • Cysteine’s THE protein needed by every cell to re-build its PROTECTIVE molecules!

We can now add a safe, clinically proven protein to our diet to regain this protection.

Best of Immune System Supplements

Why, if I eat lots of protein, is there is still a shortage of cysteine?

Only raw milk and raw egg whites supply significant amounts of cysteine in our diet.

Fortunately, scientists developed a glutathione supplement PROVEN to re-build this deficiency, and it is now available as a medical food that’s safe for everyone.  It is listed in the book on your doctor's desk, the PHYSICIAN'S DESK REFERENCE.

The protein cysteine is the FOOD that’s NEEDED for our cells to make MORE protective glutathione, GSH. This can help with recovery from illness and protect against MANY diseases.

YES, our bodies’ protective system also depends on many CO-FACTORS such as vitamins and minerals, especially the mineral selenium…

  • BUT it’s the LACK of the protein CYSTEINE that LIMITS our glutathione production, and WEAKENS the defenses of each and every cell -- including our immune cells, our lungs, our brain, our eyes, liver, muscles etc.

Biggest Discovery Since Penicillin!

One of the “miracles of nutrition”this glutathione immune system protein caused experimental lab animals to LIVE up to 40 % LONGER!

After testing other nutrition, it was found that only this bio-active protein had an amazing protective effect against cancer, diseases and aging!

Unlocking Nature’s Powerful Nutrition Secret

These findings are considered by some doctors and researchers to be the biggest medical discovery since penicillin, and that this discovery deserves the Nobel Prize:

A completely new way to strengthen our body’s inbuilt ability to ward off diseases, including:

• Alcohol dependency, • Allergies, Asthma & Respiratory Diseases, • Arthritis, • Autism, • Bone Density - Osteoporosis, • Cancer, • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, • Cognitive Performance, • Detoxification and liver problems, • Diabetes, • Digestive Disorders, • Epilepsy & Seizures, • Eyes, • Gum Disease, • Healthy Heart (cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, atherosclerosis, stroke, etc.) • Hepatitis B & C, • HIV - AIDS, • Infertility, • Influenza • Infection, • Auto Immune Problems, • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Lupus, • Maintaining Health, • Meniere's disease, • Multiple Sclerosis, • Neurodegenerative Diseases: Parkinson's Disease, ALS and Alzheimers, • Neuropathy, • Prostate GSH Defense, • Sports & Athletic Performance.

How can this Glutathione Supplement Help YOU?

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Miracle Nutrition: Best Supplements for Immune System Against Disease?

Why are glutathione immune system proteins such a BIG discovery?

Because it is a food that stimulates the body’s own production of :

  • A key molecule that regulates and feeds the IMMUNE SYSTEM, is our best protective Key “MASTER antioxidant” for DNA repair and against disease, as well as the body’s primary DETOXIFYING agent – glutathione, GSH.
  • Improving this molecule, resulted in such stunning results in the lab against cancer and a variety of diseases.

Although over 80,000 medical studies had shown glutathione, GSH to be HIGH in healthy people, and LOW in people with chronic diseases, medical science had NOT UNTIL THEN found a way to NATURALLY improve the depletion of glutathione in people with diseases.

  • Yes, researchers had already been using the drug NAC to improve glutathione, but pharmacists say NOT to use NAC for more than 2 weeks at a time, because it is not a safe, long term way to improve your health.

Nature’s Secret Anti Aging Supplement

Glutlathione immune system proteins were tested for cancer, AIDs, lung disease, improving liver function in over 30 medical publications.

The results for this nutrition are amazing -- when they added this protein to people's diets, their immune system, or "lymphocyte values" increased by 35.5% -- even in healthy people!

  • Scientists had uncovered the secret of nature for one of medical science's "missing links!"

Awed by nature's power to restore health, they called this nutritional discovery a "back to nature call."

Best of Immune System Supplements for:

Dr. Jimmy Gutman's book, "Glutathione, Your Key to Health," explains the benefits of increasing your glutathione with nutrition for the following:

•   Athletics and Sports, • Cancer, • Aging, • Heart Disease, • Stroke & Cholesterol, • Parkinsons disease, • Alzheimers, • Lou Gehrigs disease, ALS, • diabetes, • the liver & Hepatitis C, • AIDS, • Multiple Sclerosis, • Lung Disease, • Digestive Diseases such as a Stomach ulcer, or Crohns disease, • Kidney Failure & dialysis, • Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, • trauma & burns, • seizures, and • pregnancy.

Nature’s Glutathione Supplement: a Health Building Protein

Nutrition first!

It turns out that raising our glutathione levels is not just a matter of taking a pill or a glutathione-promoting drug such as NAC! Or even taking it intravenously!

Why is it best via nutrition?

  • Because glutathione is a protein, and when it is taken in pill form, and even in food, most of it is digested like any other protein, and does not reach the cells where it is needed.
  • Even when given intravenously, glutathione has not been found to be effective, because it deteriorates before it gets to where it is needed, and it cannot effectively pass through the cell membrane.

Drugs that boost glutathione, such as NAC are typically used medically to help detoxify the liver, e.g. for a Tylenol overdose, but it is not recommended for long-term use for chronic long-term glutathione deficiencies.

Therapeutic levels of NAC have been associated with cerebral symptoms, nausea, blurred vision and vomiting, and are NOT RECOMMENDED as a safe long term health supplement or as immune system supplements.

Who Needs a Glutathione Supplement?

"EVERYONE should take this formula protein as their BEST DEFENSE against disease and aging," ...according to Dr. James Balch, the author of the best seller, "Prescription for Nutritional Healing."

  • Even HEALTHY PEOPLE improve their glutathione levels with nature’s own best health supplement for a strong immune, stamina and protection against diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Parkinsons and Alzheimers disease, diabetes and auto immune diseases e.g. arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus etc.
  • The dangers of having LOW levels of glutathione are well documented -- numerous medical studies show LOW glutathione to be a factor in OVER 200 DISEASES.

Low-cost testing for glutathione levels are not yet available, but virtually everyone can benefit from the best of immune system supplements.

  • Healthy people and athletes get more stamina and better recovery time and tend not to get sick with improved glutathione levels -- because it is THE molecule that protects us against stress, toxins, viruses and bacteria!

"Most people -- even healthy people -- don't have an OPTIMAL AMOUNT of glutathione for their immune to mount the best response, when needed." says Dr. P. Kongshavn, formerly Professor of Immunology, Dept. of Medicine, McGill University.

Nobel Prize Winner Recommends this Glutathione Supplement for Cancer Recovery

Best Safe Cancer Nutrition!

The 2008 Nobel Prize winner of Medicine, Dr. Luc Montagnier, has a chapter in his book on the science of this protein -- and why to take it with your cancer treatment.  

Nutrition recommendations during cancer treatment usually stress taking a high quality protein.

So make sure to take the best -- ideal protein supplements!

  • When glutathione immunesystem proteins were tested in hospitals with very ill cancer patients, they found that his protein had an INHIBITING effect on cancers.
  • When given this nature’s own best health supplement, people with cancer were stronger to withstand radiation and chemo, and saw an improvement in their resistance -- white and red blood counts, often leading to recovery where there was medically no hope.

The protein supplement did not interfere with either chemotherapy or with radiation treatment, and was found to make these more effective, with fewer side effects!

People also regained their weight, and a special study was conducted showing this protein to reverse the muscle “wasting” effect of cancer, so that people felt healthy again.

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Why a Nutrition Glutathione Supplement, Not a Pill?

Scientists call it one of nature's well kept secrets for living long and staying healthy -- protecting against 68 diseases!

  • Taking the drug NAC is NOT advisable! Why? Sure, in medical emergencies doctors use the drug NAC to boost glutathione, e.g. to save your life by detoxifying your liver if you overdosed on Tylenol. Researchers also use the drug NAC, but this drug has problems and should not be used for more than two weeks – certainly not to get or stay healthy.

Even intravenous glutathione injections used for Parkinson’s are not ideal – cysteine instead, gives a steady supply to the brain.

  • Why can’t I just get glutathione PILLS sold in the health food store?

Glutatione pills DO NOT WORK either – our cells DON’T ABSORB the glutathione molecule directly – instead, our bodies use and store the RAW MATERIALS -- the nutrition cysteine --to make MORE of this healing PROTECTIVE MOLECULE glutathione, GSH when and where needed to fight disease.

Best Immune Supplement for A to Z?

According Dr. J. Gutman, the following can all benefit from taking gluathione immune system supplements --especially people with lung, liver and eye problems -– the organs where it is most concentrated and needed as we get older:

• Alcohol dependency, • Allergies, Asthma & Respiratory Diseases, • Arthritis, • Autism, • Bone Density - Osteoporosis, • Cancer, • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, • Cognitive Performance, • Detoxification and liver problems, • Diabetes, • Digestive Disorders, • Epilepsy & Seizures, • Eyes, • Fibromyalgia, • Gum Disease, • Healthy Heart (cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, atherosclerosis, stroke, etc.) • Hepatitis B & C, • HIV - AIDS, • Infertility, • Influenza • Infection, • Auto Immune Problems, • Lupus, • Maintaining Health, • Meniere's disease, • Multiple Sclerosis, • Neurodegenerative Diseases: Parkinson's Disease, and Alzheimers, • Neuropathy, • Prostate GSH Defense, • Sports & Athletic Performance

Best of All Natural Health Supplements

We trust that you have been inspired to take charge of your health with nutrition! The best of immune system supplements will protect you against disease.

  • Nature’s own glutathione supplement gives the best overall protection for children as well as adults. 

This best of healing supplements is SAFE for very young children for recovery from cancers, colds, allergies, and immune challenges.  Children with Autism spectrum, especially benefit.

For all ages, this glutathione supplement is the best health supplement that has been tested to be SAFE and effective.

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