What are Natural Blood Thinner Foods
& Natural Remedies for Blood Clots?

Would you like to know the best natural blood thinner foods?

  • Do you want the best anti blood clot treatment? Or natural blood clot prevention for the causes of blood clots?

Scientists have found and tested natural remedies for blood clots -  both foods and natural health supplements. 

  • Here are the MANY natural blood thinner foods backed by science:

YES, certain foods have been proven to help prevent blood clots! How?

  • They decrease “platelet activation,” LOWERING the risk of "thrombosis" – or the forming of dangerous blood clots that cause heart attacks and strokes.

Source: Diet and Thrombosis Risk: Nutrients for Prevention of Thrombotic Disease. Phang M, Lazarus S, Wood LG, Garg M. Semin, in: Thromb Hemost. 2011

Please scroll down for our natural blood thinners list of foods to prevent a heart attack or stroke!


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What are the Best Natural Blood Thinner Foods?

Inappropriate diet is known to predispose people to “acute thrombotic events” -- heart attacks and strokes – THE leading cause of death in the Western world.

A regular intake of blood thinning foods against the causes of blood clots -- an “anti-thrombotic diet” -- offers a CONVENIENT and EFFECTIVE method of prevention!

We have listed the anti clotting effect of common fruits and vegetables reported by researchers:

  • Blood thinner foods include Strawberries, Tomatoes, Onions, Mulberries, Carrots, common Thyme and Rosemary.

(scroll down for type of anti blood clotting --anti-thrombotic-- activity)

How do Foods as Natural Blood Thinners Work?

Consider adding a green smoothie to your diet after reading what some of these simple delicious foods can do for you:

Foods AND blood thinner medication have three main ways of acting to prevent a heart attack or a stroke:

  •  Anti clumping of blood (antiplatelet activity)
  •  Prevent blood clot FORMATION (anticoagulant activities)
  •  Clot DISSOLVING ability (fibrinolytic activity)

Beans, Grapes & Raspberries Can Stop Strokes & Heart Attacks?

Foods that HELP TO REGULATE proper blood clotting and prevent the unwanted clots that cause heart attacks and strokes :

The following foods show the 3 different TYPES of blood thinning ACTIONS:

  • GREEN BEANS, TOMATOES and some PROTEINS such as whey protein isolates, keep blood cells from CLUMPING together (antiplatelet activity) so they don’t form into a clot. (a thrombus)
  • Both GRAPES and RASPBERRIES prevent the FORMING of CLOTS (anticoagulant activities)
  • RASPBERRIES also have CLOT DISSOLVING ability (fibrinolytic activity)
  • SEA VEGETABLES (edible seaweeds e.g. in sushi)

Source: Blood Coagul Fibrinolysis. 2011 Feb 9.


Want extra assurance?  

There are SAFE natural remedies for blood clots: 

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Recommended Natural Blood Thinners:

The following foods have all been shown by medical researchers to prevent blood clots:

(They “modify platelet activation” and/or “hemostasis pathways”)

• Protein such as a bioactive whey protein

• Vitamins (e.g. vitamin E in larger doses)

• Allium species e.g. garlic & onions

• Ginger

• Ginkgo Biloba

• Tomatoes

• Flavanols e.g. antioxidant in coco beans

• Proanthocyanidins, an antioxidant in fruit and berries

• Resveratrol

• Alcohol

• Fatty Acids e.g. fish oil

Adding a VARIETY of natural blood thinner foods to your diet is your best insurance for health and avoiding blood thinner meds with dangerous side effects!

  • Eating unrefined FOODS: fruits, vegetables and a quality whey protein isolate is your best protection!

Why use Foods FIRST and Blood Thinner Medication only as a Last Resort?

Blood Thinner Medication such as warfarin (Coumadin) have a DOWN side.

  • Yes, these meds will BLOCK your blood from clotting by BLOCKING the blood clotting vitamin K. (Vitamin K antagonists)

Sounds good? Here’s the problem…

  • Warfarin has a “narrow therapeutic window” which means that it is very difficult to get the DOSAGE right even with monitoring:

“HALF of patients receiving warfarin are STILL exposed to the dangers of UNDER-anticoagulation (i.e. thrombosis – blood clot formation) or OVER-anticoagulation (i.e. bleeding).

The list of drugs and supplements that interact with warfarin is continuously expanding, making warfarin very difficult to “get right!”

(Source: Fundam Clin Pharmacol. 2011 Aug 10. doi: 10.1111/j.1472-8206.2011.00979.x. Anticoagulant management in the cardiovascular setting. Verheugt FW.)

You May Ask Us:

We will be happy to send you studies showing warfarin to be related to:

  • diabetes
  • calcification of the arteries
  • speeding up aging 
  • causing vitamin k deficiency problems long term
  • brain bleeds
  • Alzheimers especially if used for AFIB

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Best Natural Blood Thinner Food according to Scientists?

Japanese scientists studied each of the following foods, and found varieties of each that were all excellent natural blood thinner, and “showed significant anti-thrombotic activity.”

As part of a systematic investigation into the anti-thrombotic effect of fruits and vegetables the following were tested for many different varieties:

  • STRAWBERRIES (some varieties showed significant anti clotting effect. The dual mechanism of the effect may involve a direct inhibition of both platelet function and antioxidant activities.)
  • TOMATOES (One tomato variety showed significant anti-thrombotic activity)
  • ONIONS (Toyohira showed thrombolytic activity in addition to the antiplatelet effects with another having a thrombolytic effect)
  • CARROTS (Different varieties of carrot demonstrated a range of antithrombotic and prothrombotic activities)
  • Common THYME
  • ROSEMARY the herb

(Blood Coagul Fibrinolysis. 2008 Dec;19(8):785-92. The antithrombotic effects of carrot filtrates in rats and mice. Yamamoto J, Naemura A, Ijiri Y, Ogawa K, Suzuki T, Shimada Y, Giddings JC. )

  • Because different varieties all had different properties, it is wise to vary your diet of fruits and vegetables.
  • A poor diet increases your risk for an " acute thrombotic event" such as a stroke or heart attack.  So, eating an anti blood clotting diet is the best method of prevention!

What about Nattokinase and Ginkgo Biloba?

Blood clot prevention (arterial thrombotic disease) has high priority in developed countries.

  • Increasingly, people want a natural blood clot treatment. Fortunately, you can do a lot against the causes of blood clots:

Traditional foods and extracts are being shown by researchers to be effective in preventing strokes and heart attacks:


  • "Nattokinase, (a Japanese breakfast food), exhibited significant prophylactic antithrombotic effects.

Previously, the in vitro efficacy of nattokinase against thrombosis had been reported; now our study has revealed the in vivo efficacy of nattokinase against thrombosis."

Acta Haematol. 2010;124(4):218-24. Epub 2010 Nov 13. NATTOKINASE PREVENTS BLOOD CLOTS. Kamiya S, Hagimori M, Ogasawara M, Arakawa M.

  • Another study suggests that NATTOKINASE represents a possible supplement for use not only in the treatment of embolism but also in the prevention of the disease, since NATTOKINASE has a proven safety and can be mass produced.

Source: Acta Haematol. 1990;84(3):139-43. Enhancement of the Fibrinolytic Activity in Plasma by Oral Administration of Nattokinase. Sumi H, Hamada H, Nakanishi K, Hiratani H.


EGb761 is a standard extract of Ginkgo biloba, a traditional Chinese herb that has widely used in clinic treatment of strokes in China.

Its effects against ischemic stroke been evaluated by researchers and its neuroprotective mechanism explored, as researchers report that:

  • "GINKGO BILOBA (EGb761) had significant therapeutic effects on ischemic stroke."

(Source: Brain Res Bull. 2011 Jun 23. Comprehensive evaluation of neuroprotective effects of Ginkgo biloba extract EGB against ischemic stroke. Zhang Z, Peng D, Zhu H, Wang X.}

Ask Us for Safe Protective Supplements:

If you've had blood clots, you'll want to take extra precautions and take natural remedies for blood clots. This way you'll ensure that your blood clots risk is as low as possible!

  • You may ask us for a recommendation for proven, safe, FOOD SUPPLEMENTS that act as a natural blood thinner for YOUR NEEDS, that:

1. don't interact with other drugs

2. keep the fats in your blood SAFE

3. decrease BLOOD CLOTTING (Platelet aggregation)

4. lower cholesterol

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We hope that you have found natural blood thinner foods you can add to your diet to stop the causes of blood clots.

The good news? Blood clot treatment is much easier with safe foods and natural remedies for blood clots.


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