Why Supplements BEFORE Heart Surgery?  Angioplasty or Coronary Bypass?

Need heart surgery?

  • Here's why to take supplements for inflammation, best supplements for immune system strength before and after...
  • Some doctors are calling it pre-habilitation to lessen the damage of the trauma of the surgery. Why?

Extra supplements are needed to protect against further damage that is caused by medical intervention. What is that damage?

There is extra damage from "oxidative stress" due to these procedures and medications:

If you have had, or are going to have any of these, you will need extra protection for:

  • Angioplasty
  • Coronary bypass
  • Thrombolysis -- the use of medications to dissolve blood clots
  • The "reperfusion injury" that results when oxygen is again supplied to deprived tissues.

Medical researchers say that you need extra protective measures against this damage caused by "oxidative stress" which goes along with heart attacks, strokes and heart surgery.

Scientists are finding two key elements:

1) very high levels of free radical damage and

2) the absence of the body’s own antioxidant, glutathione in people undergoing heart surgery or a heart attack.

  • Both exceptionally high oxidative stress and very low levels of protective glutathione accompanies heart disease, they are finding, and both of these occur when:

1) Blood flow to the heart muscle is obstructed by a blockage of a coronary artery (cardiac ischemia)

2) Or during a sudden, severe blockage that leads to a heart attack (myocardial infarction).

  • Fortunately, protective surgery supplements can easily be added to any medical treatment to improve outcomes and protect against further damage.
  • Extra antioxidants and glutathione-building proteins are easy to take as a supplement.

Here are some of the latest discoveries about why pre-habilitation is crucial for better recovery.

Why Pre-Habilitation Before Heart Surgery?

A combined team of Canadian and Japanese heart researchers reviewed evidence for the role of "oxidative stress" in acute ischemic heart disease.

  • They concluded that the use of antioxidant therapy prior to procedures such as angioplasty, coronary bypass, and thrombolysis could help prevent complications.

Without adequate protective mechanisms to combat free radicals and lipid peroxidation, (when fats become rancid and break down, making more harmful free radicals), our vascular systems are quickly overcome by atherosclerosis.

M.J. Kendall’s team of Birmingham University examined over two thousand patients with confirmed coronary artery disease in a randomized clinical trial and found that:

  • Patients taking antioxidant supplements reduced their risk of cardiovascular disease by 47%.
  • Cardiologists at the University of Brescia in Italy have shown significant glutathione depletion after cardiac ischemia.
  • A study in the Japan Heart Journal by A. Usal, measured the red blood cell glutathione of 21 patients with heart attacks and found evident glutathione depletion, indicating that this event presents a major demand for the body's protective molecule, glutathione.

Why is that a problem? Without this protective molecule, more damage and complications occur.

Best Supplements for Inflammation & Heart Surgery Protection?

The principal antioxidant in our cells is glutathione, or GSH.

  • It protects all cells, and this applies to the endothelial cells of the arteries as well as red blood cells and platelets.

University of British Columbia researchers led by Kimberly Cheng showed the connection among cholesterol levels, glutathione levels and plaque formation in the aorta.

  • L.L. Ji, D. Dillon and E. Wu showed that decreasing GSH levels as we age contribute to the formation of atherosclerosis.

Although antioxidants like vitamins C and E are considered important, the naturally occurring antioxidant in the cell is GSH. GSH also serves to recycle these other antioxidants into their functionally active form.

  • NOTE: Taking glutathione in pill form is not effective, because it is digested and does not get to the cells, so best to take a proven glutathione-building supplement.


Glutathione building proteins for best protection BOTH for pre-habilitation and against postoperative complications.

You may ASK US FOR A personal recommendation for:

  • proven glutathione-building proteins 
  • ideal protein supplements for inflammation and the shock of surgery
  • the science for best supplements for immune system for pre-habilitation.

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Best Protection Against the Injury of Heart Surgery?

Here's why you will be glad to have protected yourself with:

  • supplements for inflammation
  • best supplements for immune system strength
  • glutathione-building proteins

Replenishing glutathione diminishes damage to oxygen-deprived tissue during ischemia, and also during the subsequent complications of reperfusion that usually causes more damage.

If a blood clot deprives tissue of blood and oxygen for more than a very brief period, its ability to produce life-giving energy is compromised.

When bypass surgery or thrombolytic drugs break down the clot and re-establish oxygen flow, the tissues are said to be “reperfused”.

  • But when the fresh blood floods into the starved tissue, it responds with a surge of energy production that places exceptionally heavy oxidative stress on the tissue at the very time that its antioxidant resources have been depleted, paradoxically causing further damage!
  • This condition is called reperfusion injury, making pre-habilitation supplements critical.

Reperfusion injury is relevant to many fields of medicine. This type of injury (I/R) occurs following every successfully balloon angioplasty.  (tPA induced thrombolysis).

  • Pharmacologists such as K.S. Kilgore and B.R. Lucchesi from the University of Michigan long ago suggested that antioxidants should be administered alongside thromobolytic therapy -- the use of a medication that dissolves blood clots --as pre-habilitation before surgery.

Pre-habilitation and Supplements for Inflammation

The science of free radical biology is helping create new strategies for better protection and improved recovery by using pre - heart surgery supplements as well as heart surgery postoperative protection.

  • These strategies can be effectively and safely used alongside any medical treatments.

We hope that you will take glutathione-building supplements before heart surgery, angioplasty or coronary bypass.

  • Taking supplements for inflammation will protect, and glutathione-building proteins are the best of supplements for immune protection.

We wish you well, and have a new lease on life after your surgery!

Why Supplements BEFORE Heart Surgery?  Angioplasty or Coronary Bypass?

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