Diet Supplements for Cancer Treatment Help

Scientists have found diet supplements for cancer. These increase treatment effectiveness, and are also a chemotherapy immune system help.

Yes, there is proven anti tumor nutrition for your best long term chances.

  • While targeted cancer drugs were considered to be THE cancer treatment of the future...these are much more difficult than originally thought!

Best not to leave cancer treatment to drugs or radiation alone. Why?

  • Because today’s treatments with chemo and radiation are still harsh and destructive to the normal cells in your body. Yes, they will likely do the job to “get” your cancer for now...

But alongside these cancer treatments you can also improve your body’s strength and resistance to:

  • counteract the harmful side effects of treatments
  • improve T cell counts so you can easily withstand the treatments
  • get a better chance to feel great again -- and for longtime recovery

Future Holds Much Better Cancer Treatments

It is hoped that in the next twenty years, better targeted treatments for tumors will change cancer treatment forever.

Researchers are identifying all the mutations involved in different cancers and developing drugs tailored to the genetic profile of a tumor.

  • The result will be that “The combination of targeted drugs and personalized medicine could transform cancer from a killer disease into a chronic one,” says Dr. Vincent Giguere, a researcher at the McGill University Health Center, “but this will take 20 to 30 years.”

As a result of this testing, your doctor will be able to do a genetic profile of every tumor and identify the specific mutation, to get a drug cocktail especially suited to you, say researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

They are are mapping all the genetic changes involved in colon and breast cancer.

But targeted treatments won't be tomorrow!  

  • Why? Cancers are mutating faster than they ever thought, and the number of mutations is astounding the researchers!

Anti Tumor Natural Discoveries

Scientists are discovering how to improve our bodies' own defenses against cancer.

Researchers have been unraveling some of nature's best nutrition secrets against cancer -- to be used without or alongside treatment.

  • They found immunotherapy proteins to help people "breeze through their treatments" with few or no side effects -- like nausea, or hair falling out.

They found that anti cancer proteins help to re-build our defenses, and they did clinical trials to prove this to be an effective cancer treatment and in effect a "natural cancer cure."

  • You can use these ideal protein supplements now -- you do not need to wait 20 years for scientists to be able to decode your tumors just for you!

Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment

Scientists are developing medical immunotherapy cancer treatments, but they may not yet be available for you or your type of cancer.

Instead, you may want to take the best supplements for immune system strength for best recovery.

You may ASK US for a personal recommendation:

  • For immunotherapy cancer treatment proteins that "optimize" the immune system and "killer T cells" to better fight the cancer and to protect healthy cells
  • Best supplements -- with clinical trials -- shown not to interfere with chemotherapy or radiation

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Diet Supplements for Cancer

We wish you well for adding diet supplements for cancer for your best recovery. 

  • Certainly adding immunotherapy cancer treatment proteins to your regime will speed healing and get you through treatment withe fewer side effects.

Best to try adding proven protein diet supplements for cancer to get your best immune system for recovery.

  • You will want to use our recommended, clinically tested nutraceutical that does not interfere with medical treatments. 

For more diet supplements for cancer and best nutrition with cancer:


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