Alternative Medicine: Best Alternative
Cancer Treatments, Alternative Cancer Cure

Alternative medicine, an alternative cancer treatment, along with anti-tumor nutrition and supplements can work wonders.

  • To help you find an alternative cancer cure, we have posted some clinics as well as alternative cancer cure supplements.

If travelling to a clinic is not a good option for you, we have posted immunotherapy cancer treatment supplements you can order yourself.

  • There are now chemotherapy immune system supplements that will not interfere with radiation or chemo drugs. A high immune system will vastly improve all treatment outcomes, say scientists.

Some of the most advanced alternative cancer treatments are in Germany and Mexico.

Posted here are some promising alternative cancer treatments to give you an idea of what alternative treatments are available.

Alternative Cancer Cure Clinics

  • GERMANY is known for alternative medicine and alternative cancer treatment because doctors there have therapeutic freedom.

In Germany, for instance the High Court in Karlsruhe ruled unanimously that qualified physicians have complete freedom to treat seriously ill patients as they see fit, and that insurers must pay for the prescribed treatments.

  • In Cologne, Germany, oncologist Dr. Robert Gorter is seeing success by using patients’ own “killer” cells to battle cancer.

He tested his findings in a study involving 171 women with metastasized breast cancer who had undergone many forms of chemotherapy and radiation treatment and were considered hopeless cases.

Following Gorter’s treatment, about 10 percent of the patients were in remission – a surprising result in patients considered terminal.

In 60 percent of these women, the treatment greatly extended and enhanced the quality of their lives although they did not recover.

According to Dr. Gorter, who is a professor at the University of California, with a clinic in Cologne, no other treatment offers similar results.

Why might inducing a fever work? Dr. Gorter says, “Cancer is a ‘cold illness’ and can disappear if the body’s temperature rises." He also notes that "Softness, warmth and love are particularly effective in healing cancer.”

  • MEXICO has clinics for restoring health with alternative medicine as well as innovative and non-toxic alternative cancer treatments. Some of these treatments have been clinically tested, and others only with practical experience.

Principles typically used, as with the hope4cancer clinic, are:

  • Non-toxic Cancer Fighting Agents
  • Full Spectrum Nutrition and Alkalinizing
  • Enhancing and Optimizing the Immune System
  • Detoxification (removal of heavy metals and toxins)
  • Elimination of Microbes and Pathogens
  • Oxygenation
  • Restoring Spiritual and Emotional Integrity

Ask Us for Alternative Cancer Cure Options

  • The UNITED STATES & CANADA are much more limited for alternative cancer cures, because doctors do not have the same therapeutic freedom as in Germany and Mexico.

Your best options for alternative cancer cures are:

  • Finding a good naturopathic doctor for healing cancer naturally.
  • Add immunotherapy cancer treatment supplements for healing cancer naturally.

You may ASK US about:

  • Clinically tested CLINICALLY TESTED immune system supplements to improve the odds of your cancer treatment.
  • Immune system supplements that hold patents for both the TREATMEMT and PREVENTION of cancer.
  • Reports from individuals who added this immunotherapy cancer treatment to their regime, to overcome their cancer.
  • Chemotherapy immune system supplements shown not to interfere with cancer treatment.

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Alternative Cancer Cure for Trauma

All illnesses have emotional or physical stress associated with them.  Does emotional shock, conflict or trauma precede cancer?

Dr. Ryke Geers Hamer, MD, (German New Medicine) found that all diseases originate from an unexpected and unresolved shock experience.  He found liaisons in the brain to correspond to the type of cancer of the individual.

"At the moment of the conflict-shock a short circuit occurs in a pre-determined place of the brain.

This can be photographed with computed-tomography (CT) and looks like concentric rings on a shooting target or like the surface of water after a stone has been dropped into it.

Later on, if the conflict becomes resolved, the CT image changes, an edema develop, and finally scar tissue."

He found that solving the emotional conflict is the first step to healing diseases.

He also said that when a doctor tells people that "they have six months to live" it is such a shock that they give up and die.

Dr Hamer helped people resolve the effects of the conflict, and his patients had an extremely high rate of recovery -- healing cancer naturally. 

Alternative Cancer Cure: Cancer as a Wake up Call, not a Death Sentence

If you consider the possibility that stress or trauma contributed, in the two or more years before the onset of your cancer, you can begin to resolve those issues.

For example, Brandon Bays was determined to uncover the unresolved but hidden emotional issues she suspected played a part in creating her large abdominal tumor.

  • She begged her doctor for additional time before surgery so that she could “disappear” both the bleeding and a tumor (the size of a basket ball) in her abdomen.
  • She was determined to find what would work for her as an alternative cancer cure, and succeeded in healing cancer naturally.

Her book, The Journey documents how she put her doctors “at bay” to buy time and to successfully find what she needed, and was able to resolve her cancer without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Ask Us for a Recommendation:

You may ASK US about:

  •  Dr. Hamer and the emotional trauma leading to your TYPE of cancer.
  •  Immunotherapy cancer treatment supplements
  • Immunotherapy for dogs and cats and Immune system supplements suitable for pet cancer

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We wish you success in finding the right alternative medicine treatment.

  • Mainstream medicine is beginning to use immunotherapy treatment also, and finding that with a high immune system, the treatment outcomes are MUCH better.

Chemotherapy immune system supplements will certainly lessen side effects and help detox the harmful effects of the treatment.

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