Lou Gehrigs Disease, ALS: New Discoveries
for Cause of Lou Gehrigs Disease 

Treatment for Lou Gehrigs disease ALS remains elusive, but there are now new possibilities.

With an ALS disease diagnosis, doctors will typically give you "two years" to live.  Unless... you beat the odds.  Here's how that's being shown to be possible.

  • When Eddie Redmayne won the Oscar for best actor in the movie "The Theory of Everything," more people found out about Lou Gehrigs disease. They may even have a new perspective on the progression of the disease. Why?

Because the movie is about Stephen Hawking, who was diagnosed with this motor neuron disease when he was 21 years old. Then,  51 years later, he was still alive and working! 

And yes, he, like others with ALS, was given two years to live.

  • But Stephen Hawking was 72 years old when the movie about his life came out!! Which means that the 2 years to live, turned into more than 50, and Stephen says at the end of the movie that he is alive, and not planning to retire any time soon.  He died at age 76 in 2018.

How could that be?  Yes, Stephen Hawking had Lou Gehrig's disease. 

His prominence will hopefully inspire others with the disease. His fame will hopefully help others to be able to live their lives much longer with Lou Gehrigs disease!

Here are some discoveries to inspire and hopefully, help you too:

Science, Stephen Hawking and Lou Gehrig

Scientists are showing us key factors underlying the Lou Gehrig disease process.

This has led to powerful new discoveries for slowing its progress and even to improve Lou Gehrigs symptoms.

Researchers have identified the following:

  • That "oxidative stress," which causes damage due to "free radicals" ("oxy-radical" formation), has a specific PATTERN found to be characteristic of a number of neurodegenerative disorders, including Lou Gehrig’s disease.
  • That "oxidative stress" causes disease (has a pathogenic role) where motor neurons are vulnerable, and this increased "oxidative stress" is particularly characteristic of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

What is the key protective molecule against this damage?

Researchers found the DEPLETION of a small protective molecule in the motor neuron, called glutathione, (GSH) and this LACK of GSH is seen as the “Mechanism of Toxicity."

  • Fortunately, there is also a discovery of a glutathione building protein that is helping people reverse this depletion. 

With this protein people are slowing their disease are even improving their Lou Gehrigs symptoms!

What do People with Lou Gehrigs Disease ALS have in Common?

People with Lou Gehrigs disease, it turns out, have a LOW levels of this protective substance, glutathione, or GSH.

  • This causes damage to the neurons from “oxidative stress.”  And although this is to some degree part of the aging process, it has been shown to have a more specific or “targeted” role in neuro-degenerative diseases such as Lou Gehrigs disease.

Neurological diseases such as Lou Gherigs are particularly characterized by high levels of oxidative stress and free radical formation -– oxyradicals -- as well as abnormalities in glutathione metabolism and antioxidant defenses.

Even mental stress has been shown to destabilize oxidant/antioxidant balance in the brain.

What does this mean? People with Lou Gehrigs disease have had a high level of stressors that caused damage (due to illness, emotional stress, worry, poor diet, toxins etc.) and at the same time the body's natural defenses were not working as well as they could have!! 

  • How do they know this? Researchers found that people with Lou Gehrigs disease have LOW LEVELS of this protective substance called glutathione, GSH.

What is typically known from the explosion of the field of free radical biology over the past 20 years, is that “oxidative stress” causes damage due to “free radicals” produced by “stress.”

  • But what is lesser known, is the over 70,000 medical publications that show how a small molecule called glutathione protects the body from free radical damage.  
  • When this molecule is LOW, cells are easily damaged, including the motor neuron cells.  With Lou Gehrigs disease, the motor neurons are especially affected.

Now you can change this due to the discovery of this neuro-protective supplement that's clinically proven to raise glutathione GSH for you, and help you counteract a basic cause of Lou Gehrigs disease.

You may Ask Us:

  • You may ASK US to see the research about this neuro-protective protein.

You will want to find out more about this healing protein and how and why it it can help Lou Geherigs symptoms improve, to slow down your disease.  

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What do the Experts Say?

There is no doubt that LOW glutathione -- GSH levels -- accelerate brain cell death and that elevated levels slow the progression of neurodegeneration.

Glutathione is the major naturally-occurring antioxidant in the brain and serves to combat these oxyradicals. Intervention with glutathione-enhancing therapies would be helpful.”

  • Not just another antioxidant, glutathione is the body's MOST POWERFUL PROTECTOR and HEALING AGENT, according to 700,000 medical studies on GSH.
  • Why? Glutathione is key because “It’s the body's 'decision-maker' of oxidant/antioxidant balance" says Dr. Bikul Das, a researcher in molecular biology.

And not only does it protect from free radical damage, but from bacteria, viruses, toxins, pollutants and even cancer.

  • BUT don't reach for a glutathione PILL!! It won't work!

Buying glutathione itself is NOT effective. Instead, you would be wise to find out exactly how the body makes glutathione, so that YOUR BODY CAN MAKE MORE!

Fortunately, you can now take a supplement that's been proven, to change this!

What’s The Best Intervention?

Stimulating the body’s own production of glutathione safely and effectively without drugs, so as to promote and restore health -- using nutritional pre-cursors, with a proven glutathione builder.

Taking NAC (except for in a medical emergency) is not a good idea for more than two weeks, and taking a GLUTATHIONE PILL is USELESS and INEFFECTIVE!

Even with intravenous, or  IV glutathione you get "highs" but also undesirable "lows" and is therefore not a good long term strategy.

You may ASK US:

  • About the protein that can help slow or stop Lou Gehrigs Disease ALS disease.
  • For the research and the listing in the USA Physician's Desk Reference.

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Best Hope for Slowing, Stopping Lou Gehrigs Symptoms

The picture that emerges from medical research is that glutathione’s role is to protect us against the main villains that are at the root of aging and diseases like Lou Gehrigs:

1) free radicals and oxidative stress, 2) an over or under-active immune response 3) toxins and pollutants, and 4) mutations in our DNA.

Scientists have found that:


...whereas LOW LEVELS OF GLUTATHIONE HAVE BEEN FOUND AS A MARKER for the major diseases of our time, including the neurodegenerative Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons disease and Lou Gehrigs disease.

  • WHY THE PROBLEM? Our glutathione supply is rapidly consumed on a daily basis through normal metabolism, illness and even exercise.

Without a good supply of glutathione, you have an inadequate defense system, and this can eventually lead to illness and to neurodegenerative diseases such as Lou Gherigs disease.

There are people who have recovered from Lou Gehrigs disease, and this may be the scientific basis for their recovery!

About slowing down Lou Gehrigs Disease ALS

What's the best solution for GSH glutathione depletion?

  • Adding the recommended medical protein that has the pre-cursor cysteine in it to your routine!

An “accidental finding” led to the discovery of the protein with the precursors for the body to make its own glutathione.

  • This nutrition discovery significantly extended the life of lab animals -- THEY LIVED 50% LONGER -- and it protected them from cancer and other diseases, with implications for degenerative conditions like Lou Gehrigs.

Clinical trials later showed that this protein raises glutathione naturally, safely, and effectivel, for athletes, and patients with AIDS, cancer, lung disease and neurological conditions, with implications for diseases like Lou Gehrigs disease.

Why Not Take a GSH Pill?

Unfortunately, improving GSH, glutathione is NOT simply a matter of eating it in your food, or taking it in a PILL.

Why? Because it is destroyed by the digestion.

  • Even taking IV glutathione has NOT been found to be effective in the long run, as it deteriorates in the blood before it gets to where it is needed.

Rather, GSH is best made from PRECURSORS by the cell itself, from 3 amino acids: 1) Glycine, 2) Glutamate and 3) Cysteine.

The first two are plentiful in our food, but it turns out that the third, CYSTEINE, is the most difficult to get from our diet.

Taking a proven glutathione building supplement is the best and safest, because even taking NAC has risks and should not be taken more that two weeks at a time!

We hope that you have found our information about the cause of Lou Gehrigs disease helpful!

  • Please do not hesitate to talk to us about how these discoveries can help you!

Just as the Lou Gehrig and Stephen Hawking stories are inspiring, you may want to try for yourself our recommendation for a 3 month trial of the glutathione building protein. 

Slowing down Cause of Lou Gehrigs Disease ALS Disease: New Health Discoveries

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