Can Warfarin as AFIB treatment lead to Alzheimers?

Warfarin side effects long term, especially as AFIB treatment, now include both dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.  

A new, long-term warfarin side effect – dementia – showed up in a study of 10,000 people taking Coumadin long term.  This study followed them for seven years.

The lead researcher, Doctor T. Jared Bunch, at Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Salt Lake City, UT., found:       

  • “Significant cognitive risk factors” for long term Coumadin use!

But there is more… the risk was much higher for those using Coumadin for AFIB treatment, for heart irregularities.  Coumadin is used as an AFIB treatment because with a heart irregularity, the blood can pool, and cause a stroke.  

So what to do?  Your doctor will likely say that a stroke could kill you tomorrow, so not to worry because Alzheimer’s is a slower process. 

  • Does that mean that you have to choose between getting Alzheimer’s Disease and getting a stroke? 

 Don’t worry! There is a lot you can do.  Fortunately, we have found new options for you, but first, the research…

Warfarin Side Effects as Afib Treatment 

Dr Bunch and his team found that these long term dementia effects were much stronger for those using Coumadin as AFIB treatment:

Both vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease rates were much higher for people with AFIB: Approximately 6% higher with AFIB compared to almost 2% for people with DVT - deep vein thrombosis - or a heart valve problem.

  • There was still, unfortunately, a higher risk of dementia for everyone using the blood thinner Coumadin, even for reasons other than AFIB.

Safe Alternatives to Warfarin as AFIB Treatment

Fortunately there are PROVEN natural options to help avoid both a stroke AND Alzeimer’s Disease.

Scientists have found effective natural substances to reduce AFIB as well as the risk of blood clots -- AND improve memory and brain health!

  • Dr Harry Elward has dedicated his life to stopping heart disease and stroke. He has created an effective natural formula to help reduce the risks of blood clots as well as helping AFIB.
  • With a PhD in nutrition, he found the best proven natural help against heart disease and stroke. 
  • See his VIDEO about dissolving and preventing blood clots

Dr. Harry's formula can be safely tried for AFIB as well as for DVT and heart valve problems. Because it does NOT INTERFERE with Coumadin, it is safe to use either alongside or as a substitute.

We recommend trying Dr. Harry’s ENHANCED Formula for a few months, and see the results yourself:

  • To minimize your Coumadin dosage
  • To stabilize your Coumadin dosage
  • As a Coumadin alternative

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Medical Options for AFIB Treatment? 

What did Dr. Bunch and his Coumadin research team conclude?

  • That people should take prescription blood thinners like Coumadin ONLY if they absolutely need them.
  • And, for people whose dosage is hard to manage, that they switch to newer more predictable drugs.  This is because these people also had a higher rate of dementia.
  • More Coumadin side effects long term

But if you are still worried, and not happy with having to choose between a stroke and Alzheimer’s, please try adding natural alternatives.

  • There is sound science showing how natural alternatives work.

Alternative AFIB Treatments for Avoiding Alzheimers

Happily, scientists have found natural substances that are effective for AFIB, for reducing stroke risk. 

A healthy brain and healthy heart go hand in hand. Exercise, healthy foods and natural supplements will improve both your brain and heart. 

Avoiding dangerous warfarin side effects naturally:

 Dr. Harry’s  Formula against blood clots, DVT and reducing your risk of stroke as AFIB treatment and Coumadin alternative. 

Natural Alternatives to Warfarin Side Effects: Coumadin as AFIB treatment can lead to Alzheimers and Dementia

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