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Frustration to Ease, Calm and Better Sleep!

Want to sleep better? Want natural sleep supplements for anxiety relief stress relief?

  • Before taking addictive meds, why not try proven natural supplements for anxiety!  Yes, there are clinically proven natural cures for anxiety.

How to sleep better? Now you can relax with natural cures for anxiety, that help you sleep better too.

  • Yes there are proven, natural cures for anxiety, insomnia -- based on science!
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Why Natural Cures for Anxiety before Valium?

Tranquilizers such as Valium, work by boosting the effects of the brain chemical called gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA).

This acts as the body’s “natural tranquilizer” by telling neurons to slow down.

  • But, the dependency issues of these drugs are not pretty. They have eventual "side effects" that actually include anxiety and insomnia, making your situation worse.  You will not know this and think you need MORE!!
  • And they last long, so they can make you drowsy.

The alternative? When you were a child and had trouble sleeping, what did your parents give you? Chances are it was a soothing cup of warm milk. It’s nature’s perfect remedy to soothe and help us sleep.

  • Science has come to the rescue to improve on these natural cures, so that anxiety and getting to sleep is no longer an serious problem!

Peace of Mind: Proven Natural Sleep Supplements?

Scientists have now isolated the soothing and calming powers of nature’s best sleep aid!

This natural bioactive milk peptide capsule, SEREN T 200,  when taken before bedtime, will help you get to sleep.

  • Like a warm glass of milk, SEREN T 200 improves on nature to relieve anxiety, insomnia and give better sleep.

But SEREN T 200 is not a drug. It is not habit-forming, contains no additives and has no side effects. It’s as natural as that warm cup of milk, but more effective!

  • SEREN T 200 is clinically tested to help you take the edge off, naturally -- and work as nature's best sleep aid!
  • It helps you chill out and sleep better by reducing the hormone cortisol!

Try Proven Natural Supplements for Anxiety

Want the best of natural cures? Want what's proven to be effective for calming anxiety and for better sleep and natural insomnia cures?

  • SEREN T 200 is unique. With a patent protecting its use, there is nothing like it currently available on the market.


  • The milk from which SEREN T 200 is made comes from dairy herds in France and Switzerland that are pesticide free, antibiotic free, and free of growth hormones. There is no lactose, so that anyone with a lactose intolerance can use it.
  • Proven to reduce the "fight or flight" hormone, cortisol.

SEREN T 200 works on the same brain receptors as does Valium, without the dangers of addiction and negative side effects such as groggyness.

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Anxiety Relief Stress for Best Sleep

SEREN T 200 works! Best of daytime natural cures for anxiety -- against an anxiety attack!

  • For relief from nervous irritability and anxiety during the day, SEREN T 200 is the answer. Naturally.

And for best of natural sleep supplements:

  • When you can't sleep, all you can think about is getting to sleep. It takes more than counting sheep.

Dosage: Adults over 110 lbs (50 kg), will benefit most by taking the maximum dose of two capsules of SEREN T 200 for at least 15 days —- although many people feel the benefits after the very first day.

After the initial period, you can reduce your daily dosage to one capsule; your body will now be better equipped to resist the tensions caused by the continuous challenges of life! So order a supply, to get you calm again.

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Best Sleep Aid & Natural Cures for Anxiety

We hope that you have been inspired to try natural sleep supplements for anxiety relief stress relief FIRST!

We know you'll be better off without addictive meds!

  • Yes there are proven natural supplements for anxiety!  
  • Why not try these clinically proven natural cures for anxiety FIRST.

We look forward to hearing from you about your experience with natural cures for anxiety and discovering how to sleep better!

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