Heart Disease & Stroke World Wide:
What Causes a Stroke or Heart Attack Most?

What are the biggest causes of coronary heart disease?

Are we close to solving what causes a stroke or heart attack worldwide?

Stroke is now the second leading cause of death worldwide, and the LEADING cause of disability in adults in most regions, according to a large WORLDWIDE study.

What are the symptoms before a stroke or even signs of a mini stroke?

The causes of strokes this study found are very similar to what we already know causes a heart attack, with hypertensive heart disease the most dangerous.

Biggest Causes of Coronary Heart Disease?

High blood pressure is by far the greatest risk factor for a stroke. WHY?

• Here's what happens to people who get a stroke, worldwide:

• Of people who had a bleeding stroke or rupture, (hemorrhagic) three quarters or almost 75% had high blood pressure!

• Of people who had a clotting stroke (ischemic strokes) 45% had hypertension.

A large percentage of those people who have clotting (ischemic) strokes, also have high levels of fats (lipids) in their blood, as measured by a test that gives the ApoB:ApoA1 ratio.

Here's the TOP 10 causes of strokes worldwide:

These are the factors that explained 90% of what causes a stroke in this large study.

1) high blood pressure

2) current smoking

3) waist-to-hip ratio (Belly fat or abdominal obesity)

4) poor diet

5) physical inactivity

6) blood lipids (fats in the blood)

7) diabetes mellitus

8) alcohol intake

9) stress and depression

10) heart disorders

Of these causes of strokes, hypertension is by far the greatest risk, topping the list, with high blood fats next and inactivity next, with smoking following that!

SOURCE: A study of 6,000 people in 22 countries, published online and in the prestigious journal The Lancet. It was discussed by the authors at the World Congress of Cardiology in Beijing in 2010.

The study was coordinated by the Population Health Research Institute: Authors Dr. Martin O’Donnell and Dr. Salim Yusuf, professors of the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine.

Why High Blood Pressure's what Causes a Stroke?

World-wide, strokes are by far the highest cause of heart disease deaths, according to the international study by O’Donnell and Yusuf.

• High blood pressure is the strongest predictor for ALL STROKES nearly tripling the risk, according to the study published in the Lancet, based on 3000 people with a first stroke and 3000 people who had no history of stroke, from 22 different countries.

“You don’t get heart attacks as easily if your blood pressure is high, but you sure get strokes!” according to Sr. Antoine Hakim, scientific director of the Canadian Stroke Network, because…

It turns out that that the BRAIN is more sensitive to blood pressure than the HEART is!

But a stroke is not only devastating to the person.

The entire family is sucked down into the vortex of care providing.

Fifty percent of caregivers, within one year of suddenly inheriting a person with stroke in their family, become depressed -- creating a wave of sadness and unhappiness.”

So do yourself and your family a favor, and read on to find out how to stop hypertensive heart disease naturally!

  • Why Know Mini Stroke Warning Signs?
  • Why a High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy?

    Yes high blood pressure IS a big deal!

    Researchers warn that if your blood pressure range typically is in the hypertension or pre-hypertension categories, then you need to take immediate and lasting action if you want to live a long and healthy life!

    But before you get a prescription, you CAN avoid high blood pressure meds that have SERIOUS side effects!

    These meds are now being shown NOT to lengthen your life if your blood pressure range is medium high or slightly high.

    • Find out about unwanted Side Effects of your meds and your treatment for heart disease

    Yes, you can solve hypertensive heart disease naturally. How?

    • Keeping your arteries unclogged and your blood vessels FLEXIBLE is KEY to bringing high blood pressure down!

    • You will want to know about “new” heart vitamins that play a huge role in keeping our blood vessels UNCLOGGED and FLEXIBLE and keep our arteries from hardening.

    Your doctor likely does not know about these because they are natural discoveries, and no drug reps are "pushing" these discoveries.

    Here's how:

    When your blood vessels are flexible they adjust to allow blood flow as needed.

    Only when they are hardened -- one of the biggest causes of this is calcium deposits -- will they cause high blood pressure because there is a backup causing pressure.

    You will be happy to know that changes to your diet and adding an arginine supplement can help you solve your hypertension for good:

    Can a Nobel Winning Discovery help you stop what causes a stroke heart attack?

    Causes of Strokes a Mystery No More!

    The researchers conducting the INTERSTROKE study in 2010 say that before this study, there was the belief that 30% to 40% of the risk of heart disease (myocardial infarction) was unexplained.

    • There was the belief that about 30% of stroke isn't explained and people have therefore been pursuing all sorts of other markers, genetics, and so on.

    What causes a stroke is no longer a mystery! Why?

    • Because this ambitious INTERSTROKE study pinpointed the exact risk factors that could explain at least 90% of the causes of strokes and heart attacks WORLDWIDE.

    And by far the biggest stroke warning sign was high blood pressure, or hypertension!

    Source: INTERSTROKE. Lancet 2010; DOI:10.1016/S0140-6736(10)60975-0. Available at: http://www.thelancet.com.

    Harmony Best for Your Heart?

    What's beyond the usual, diet and exercise?

    Yes, diet and supplements can stop the causes of coronary heart disease. And here's the latest on exercise.

    But depression, negative EMOTIONS and POLLUTION also play a BIG part, so first of all calm down and use natural stress relief pills if you need to, and avoid pollution. Why?

    Stressors such as chemicals and pollutants, emotional stresses e.g., worry, anger and illnesses increase our susceptibility to heart problems.

    • Hardening of the arteries is also being linked to air pollution. For example, researchers at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California have found a 3-6% increase in the long-term risk for heart attack based on exposure to air pollution.

    • Heavy metals, especially mercury, are problematic. A Finnish study found a 50 percent to 70 percent greater risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease in men ages 42 to 60 who had elevated levels of mercury in their bodies, in spite of eating fish and omega 3’s.

    Jyrki Virtanen with the Research Institute of Public Health at the University of Kuopio in Finland says that the evidence is strong enough to warrant urging middle-aged men to avoid eating high-mercury fish.

    • Resolving NEGATIVE EMOTIONS has also been linked to prevention.

    “We know that pressures such as anger and hostility can release certain chemicals in the body that may increase the risk of heart disease,” (Belinda Linden, British Heart Foundation).

    • HOSTILITY during marital disputes was found bad for women’s hearts, while controlling behavior during marital disputes was bad for men’s hearts according to research done by Professor Tim Smith and other psychologists from the University of Utah.

    INFLAMMATION is becoming to be considered the underlying cause of atherosclerosis artery disease -- the ongoing release of chemicals in the body causing inflammation.

    One measure of this is your HOMOCYSTEINE levels and CRP's (C-Reactive Proteins) which are markers you can get checked by your doctor.

    So, be happy and value your friends and family!

    Solving Hypertensive Heart Disease Naturally

    We hope you have gotten inspired to solve the causes of coronary heart disease naturally!

    You can avoid blood pressure medication side effects naturally and not only extend your life but enjoy it more.

    Stopping Heart Disease and causes of Coronary Heart Disease: High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy to avoid mini Stroke Warning Signs & most common Causes of Strokes

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