Cherries a Miracle Fruit? Best of Natural Sleep Supplements & Arthritis Pain Relief!

How would you like to get an easy 3 servings of fruit every day in just one tablespoon of cherry juice?

Cherries, say researchers, have the highest anti-inflammatory value of all vegetables or fruits.

Tart cherries can now be taken for arthritis pain, for arthritis natural cures and natural sleep supplements:

  • Tart Montmorency Cherries have among the highest antioxidant value!
  • Tart cherries may also be the best natural anti inflammatory for best pain relief –- as well as having the most melatonin for improving sleep.

You can now get 1,500 cherries CONCENTRATED in a 16 oz bottle, for easy cherries every day!

  • Delicious and easy, Organic Montmorency Tart Cherry Concentrate

Tart Cherry Juice Best of Natural Sleep Supplements & Arthritis Pain Relief

Researchers say that tart Montmorency Cherries:

  • Contain melatonin to stimulate deeper and lasting sleep.
  • Have been shown to be more effective against pain than ibuprofen or naproxen without their side effects such as high blood pressure. Why?

Tart Cherries have anti-inflammatory anothocyanins (pigments) and bioflaveonids that may assist the body to relieve pain associated with arthritis and gout.

  • Tart Cherries have a much higher antioxidant value (Orac value) than blue berries, strawberries, Goji berries and Noni juice. (scroll down for comparisons)

Tart cherries may have nature’s most powerful combination of cell rejuvenating antioxidants.

They are being found to be natural cures rheumatoid arthritis, sleep, gout natural cure.

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Tart Cherry Juice Natural Cure Power

Why a Cherry Juice Concentrate™ that's 100% pure, non-pasteurized and non-GMO?

Because tart cherries are among nature’s most nutritionally dense foods:

  • Tart cherries contain a wide variety of powerful antioxidants and phyto-chemicals unmatched by any other fruit as measured by the scientifically validated ORAC method.

In fact each serving (2 Tbs.) contains a whopping 3,657 ORAC units! ORAC is an acronym for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (the ability to scavenge free radicals).

  • E.B.Tahitian Noni 165 units, Goji Juice™ 380 units, Xango Juice™(Mangosteen) 530 units Y.L. Berry Young Juice, 1,000 units Eniva VIBE™ 2,600.
  • Recommended brand Cherry Concentrate™ 3,657 units.

Nature’s Power for Natural Sleep Supplements & Natural Cure for Arthritis Pain

Cherries are rich in melatonin for better sleep:

Melatonin helps balance circadian rhythms for proper sleep.

Tart cherries concentrate is the highest natural food source of melatonin, and therefore very safe to use as a daily supplement.

Judy Bland Reports Better Sleep & less Pain:

“Tart Cherry Concentrate has made a tremendous difference in my life. My usual sleep pattern for the last four years or more was to sleep for a couple of hours and be awake most of the night, tossing and turning and trying to get back to sleep.

After taking the concentrate for only 10 days now I sleep through the night!

What a difference a good night's sleep makes to ones life. My energy level has doubled and my appetite halved. I am no longer eating like mad to try to get some energy.

After suffering from pain for quite a while, I also felt relief from the pain in my legs and feet and experienced increased mobility.”

Why Cherries? Anthocyanins for Arthritis Natural Cure?

Tart Cherries have anti-inflammatory anothocyanins (pigments) and bioflaveonids that may assist the body to relieve pain associated with arthritis and gout.

These are naturally occurring compounds that impart color in fruit, vegetables and plants.

  • Anthocyanins protect against a variety of oxidants. They inhibit cyclo oxygenase (COX).

This COX enzyme is the chemical that transforms other substances into potential mediators of inflammation.

Because the inflammation promotes pain, suppressing this COX enzyme can suppress pain.

  • The Anthocyanins in tart cherries are comparable to the cox inhibitory effects of ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin.
  • As for the potency of COX inhibition, one serving of tart cherry juice concentrate is equivalent to 0.300 grams of aspirin.
  • A standard aspirin tablet is .325 grams.

Tart Cherry Juice Benefits for Natural Cure

Some Tart Cherry Concentrate have the highest ORAC values of tested fruits and vegetables.

Three separate tests were conducted on the tart cherry products; each product registered a high ORAC value.

Per 100 grams:

  • Tart cherry juice concentrate has 12,800 ORAC units,\
  • Dried tart cherries have 6,800 ORAC units
  • Frozen tart cherries have 2,033 ORAC units
  • Canned water-pack tart cherries have 1,700 ORAC units.

Other fruits that have been tested range from 700 to 5,700 ORAC units per 100 grams. For example Orange juice compare at 750 and Red Grapes at 739.

The ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) test accurately quantifies the antioxidant capacities of foods by taking into account the fact that most natural products are a complex mix of phytochemicals of which many are antioxidants.

Brunswick Labs is a leader in ORAC testing and has set the standard for the food industry.

Nutritionists suggest that people should eat 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC units per day to have a positive effect on their health.

Fruits Compared for Antioxidants

ORAC values for the top twelve fruits:

1. Tart cherry juice concentrate 12,800

2. Dried tart cherries 6,800

3. Prunes 5,770

4. Blueberries 2,400

5. Blackberries 2,036

6. Frozen tart cherries 2,033

7. Canned waterpack tart cherries 1,700

8. Strawberries 1,540

9. Raspberries 1,220

10. Plums 949

11. Oranges 750

12. Red Grapes 739

Research conducted at Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston and Brunswick Laboratory in Wareham, Massachusetts.

Veggies Compared for ORAC score:

ORAC values for the top vegetables:

Kale 1,770

Spinach 1,260

Brussels Sprouts 980

Alfalfa Sprouts 930

Broccoli Florets 890

Beets 840

Red Bell Pepper 710

Sweet, or "Black" cherries 670

Pink Grapefruit 495

Grapes, white 460

Onion 450

Corn 400

Tofu 205

Carrot 200

Tomato 195

Iceberg/Head Lettuce 105

Products Compared for Antioxidant Scores

Product ORAC Value Score Summary

ORAC Score per ounce, or two tablespoons

Sea Silver™ 90

E.B.Tahitian Noni™ 380

Xango Juice™(Mangosteen) 530

Y.L. Berry Young Juice™ 1,000

Eniva VIBE™ 2,600

Tart Cherry Concentrate™ 3,657

Brunswick Laboratories, Wareham, MA, recently conducted extensive nutraceutical evaluations and ORAC testing on four Montmorency tart cherry products.

Dr. Boxin Ou, principal research scientist at Brunswick Laboratories and one of the leading scientists in the U.S. on phytochemicals in plant foods.

Get Tart Cherry Concentrate at 30% Off:

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  • how tart cherries could be a natural cure for you.
  • Getting a 30% discount on our recommended Tart Cherry Concentrate

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We hope that you have been inspired to try natural sleep supplements -- a natural insomnia cure like tart cherries to boost your health!

  • Who could have guessed the benefits of cherry juice for sleep!

Thanks to new research, the fruit we all know and love, can now be taken in a teaspoon all year round as a natural cure for arthritis pain, gout, and even as natural cures for rheumatoid arthritis!



Effect of tart cherry juice on melatonin levels and enhanced sleep quality. Eur J Nutr. 2012 Dec;51(8):909-16. doi: 10.1007/s00394-011-0263-7. Epub 2011 Oct 30.

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