Cancer and Nutrition as Natural Cancer Cure or Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment

Cancer and nutrition is well established for cancer prevention, but not as a natural cancer cure.

  • However, researchers are showing us specific foods that can help not as an alternative cancer cure, but especially to help with your cancer treatment.

There are also natrual immunotherapy cancer treatment supplements that can help you "breeze through" your treatment, and improve your treatment outcome. 

Foods Best for Chemotherapy Help

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables might help you with your chemotherapy. How?

Cancer researchers at the University of California, Riverside found that apigenin – a naturally occurring compound in fruits and vegetables – helped increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy drugs!

  • Apigenin is found in fruit including apples, cherries and grapes, and in vegetables such as parsley, artichoke, basil and celery.
  • In lab studies they found that this substance can inhibit the growth of breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, thyroid cancer and leukemia cancer cells.

That sounds like good news, but.. how best to add this natural cancer cure to your treatment?

If you have difficulty eating, you may consider adding a quality TART Cherry Concentrate as a rich source of apigenin, which you can easily take in a glass of water. And it is tasty too! 

Tart Cherry Concentrate has been found to have various anti-cancer properties, is tasty, and is among the easiest of foods that prevent cancer, to add to your diet.

Cancer and Nutrition for Feeling and Doing Better

Researchers in Europe wanted to find out if eating more fruits and vegetables helped women with breast cancer.

They found that those who ate MORE fruits and vegetables did better, in that they had higher scores for:

  • physical activities
  • cognitive abilities
  • emotional well being

These women felt and did better, so grab an apple, carrot or a piece of celery!

See Study: How fruits and vegetables help breast cancer patients

Cancer and Nutrition: Eat Less, More Often

If appetite or nausea is a problem, drink juices, shakes, soups and smoothies during the day to provide calories and nutrients. Drink clear herbal teas and lots of water.

  • Consider taking a high quality multi vitamin supplement to ensure getting the basic essential vitamins and minerals. 
  • Avoid “mega” or “high potency” products that may contain large amounts of some nutrients.

Tart Cherry concentrate has also been found to be rich in nutrients that help with cancer, and this can easily be added to drinks.

Best Nutrition with Cancer for Immunotherapy

A key nutrition with cancer is a high quality protein to preserve muscle mass, body tissues and weight.

  • People who do not lose weight as cancer patient have a much better survival rate. Preventing loss of muscle mass, and preventing “cancer wasting” is a crucial role for nutrition with cancer.

Good sources of protein include lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products and legumes.

  • For the best nutrition with cancer, consider adding an immunotherapy protein -- that would be an anti-tumor nutraceutical grade protein, for your best chances of full recovery.

There are proteins that have been clinically shown to shrink tumors, prevent wasting and minimize treatment side effects e.g. fatigue, nausea, and hair loss.

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We hope you like our articles on foods that prevent cancer and help as natural cancer cure.

You will want to add more natural cancer cure foods!

  • The cancer and nutrition link is well established, and although it is not necessarily a natural cancer cure on its own, it can only help.
  • Certainly, chemotherapy immune system proteins will help you withstand the treatmens and help improve your treatment outcome.

We wish you the best in finding foods to help you the best as an alternative cancer cure!

Cancer and Nutrition Foods that Prevent Cancer & Natural Cancer Cure or Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment

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