New AFIB Treatment App for
Calming Your Heart and Mind

Would you be interested in a non-drug AFIB treatment for a smoother heart rhythm?

Would you be interested in an AFIB  treatment that not only solves the problem of a racing heart beat, but also improves your life and mental clarity?

Well… consider the possibility that calming your heart and clearing your head go hand in hand!

When scientists discovered the emotional and mental causes of heart irregularities, or AFIB, it led them to create an exciting new AFIB treatment - apps and personal feedback devices for changing the heart rhythm.

If you want to avoid taking scary medicines for the rest of your life, you’ll want to find out how AFIB treatment apps and feedback devices can help improve:

  • rapid heart beats
  • anxiety
  • emotional well being
  • creativity
  • personal effectiveness help you resolve heart irregularities, racing rhythms or heart arrhythmias for the long term.

Here’s discoveries and apps for solving heart irregularities that can give you a new lease on life in 6 to 9 weeks:

Inner Balance Bluetooth from HeartMath

New AFIB Treatment: What Do Heart Rhythms Tell Scientists?

Researchers at the HeartMath Institute, who are leaders in stress management, were surprised to find a consistent new indicator for heart problems.

Yes, they took into account the usual indicators, blood pressure, cholesterol and so forth. But they also explored emotional physiology, or how our emotions affect our heart, our autonomic nervous system and our well being.

What was the best indicator of health and well being?

  • HeartMath researchers were surprised to find the most consistent indicator to be the heart’s rhythm!

They found that heart rate variability, or the heart rhythm, was the indicator that revealed the most about the level of a person’s health or emotional balance.

  • Over and over again, it was a person’s hear rhythms that stood out as the most indicative of a person’s stress levels and their emotional state! 

The researchers could most easily determine a person’s level of happiness and well being or stress and emotional disharmony by read-outs of their heart rhythms:

  • For instance, when someone is frustrated, their heart read-out when monitored, is jagged, incoherent and irregular. 
  • By contrast, when someone is experiencing appreciation, the heart monitor shows a balanced and coherent pattern. 

The smoothness of the rhythm showed well being, while a chaotic pattern, or  lack of coherence, and arrhythmias, showed stress and emotional distress.  

  • It was heart rate variability that told HeartMath researchers the most accurate story of a person’s emotional state and the amount of stress they were experiencing!

They were taken aback when they saw the extent to which negative emotions adversely affect not only the rhythms of the heart, but the nervous system, the brain and the whole body!

On the other hand, positive emotions were associated with coherence and harmonious heart rhythms and a balanced nervous system.

Those with smooth rhythms, they found, experience more well being, and they also have more mental clarity and are more effective in their lives, especially in solving problems and in connecting with people.

This HeartMath peer reviewed research has been published in The American Journal of Cardiology, and Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and Harvard Business Review

Based on these findings, they created apps and feedback devices to monitor and help people change negative emotions and heart arrhythmias, or AFIB.

  • With this feedback, people were able to be more calm, have more peace of mind and improve their rapid heart beats within 6 to 9 weeks!

Find out more about how these apps or devices can help YOU:

Get your heart in sync with emWave®2

You can get either an app for your iPod or iPad, or a separate emWave2 device that monitors and gives you feedback.

Inner Balance Bluetooth from HeartMath

How can AFIB Treatment Apps Help You?

Researchers at the HeartMath Institute, have since 1991, created an app for people to monitor and improve their own heart rhythms.

  • They found that a feedback and training device or app helps improve emotional balance, health and performance.  

These methods have been scientifically validated to be reliable.  How effective is this AFIB treatment app?

In testing almost 6000 people, here is how they improved in using this app or device for six to nine weeks had a:

  • 63% improvement in rapid heartbeats
  • 50% drop in fatigue
  • 46% drop in anxiety

Many health care professionals are using HeartMath methods for cardiac arrhythmia. There are now a number of case studies of positive results and improvements.

Research with these methods is ongoing at the HeartMath Institute as well as other institutions such as Arizona State University and University of Northampton, Northampton, England.

It was found that irregular rhythms showed stresses, past traumas and emotional patterns that had become habitual. It was therefore necessary to find the best ways for people to change their emotional states in order to feel better.

Their discoveries? They scientifically developed apps and devices for living a more satisfying, harmonious, peaceful and effective life!  It just so happened to be an effective AFIB treatment!

When they found out exactly how the heart and brain communicate with each other, they discovered how this relates to our emotions and our mental abilities.

They found out how we can regulate these better, rather than being ruled by unwanted emotions.

  • They found that people could create a new “inner baseline” that helped them improve their feelings and their behavior. They helped people get “unstuck” from unhealthy habitual behaviors that they had not been able to change on their own. 

HeartMath researchers discovered that by shifting their heart rhythm, people experienced more positive emotions, more calm and better cognitive abilities. 

They in fact had a new lease on life!

Inner Balance Bluetooth from HeartMath
HeartMath emWave Pro hardware and software program for mult-users

How Does Your Heart Influence Your Brain and Nervous System for Good or Bad?

We are used to thinking that our brains give all the signals to our bodies and our hearts.

Well, HeartMath researchers found that it works the other way around too!Our hearts are much more than racing pumps with plumbing that can get clogged.

  • Our hearts, they say, are very sophisticated information processing centers.

Our hearts do not just receive signals, but also send messages back to the brain by affecting hormones, the nervous system and other signal pathways.

  • The signals our hearts send out influence not just the brain and mental clarity, but all the organs of the body. In effect our hearts determine the quality of our lives.  

All the more reason to learn to understand better the signals of our hearts!  If AFIB is a primary indicator of distress, it makes sense that an effective AFIB treatment re-trains us to be able to send  instead, signals of peace, harmony and wellbeing throughout our bodies.

Why Try a Natural AFIB Treatment First?

The standard medical protocol for treating heart irregularities, or AFIB, is prescription blood thinners such as warfarin.  Why?

  • Because with heart irregularities, there is an increased risk for getting blood clots. 

This blood thinner AFIB treatment does not solve the original problem -- it only aims to protect against possible effects, rather than helping you overcome the original causes of your AFIB irregularities.  

  • Trouble is also, that there is a much higher risk of getting dementia or Alzheimers with long term warfarin use. 

Hope you are getting the idea that blood thinner medications are among the most dangerous drugs you can take!

So, before going on blood thinners that can cause bleeding and bleeding strokes and dementia, you may want to explore the HeartMath discoveries.

Best to solve heart irregularities naturally, so you will not need to take blood thinners.

By trying a natural AFIB treatment you will be in for a big bonus of:

  • Discovering the extent to which your heart influences your mind and mental clarity. 
  • Learning how to improve your emotional well being, creativity, and personal effectiveness.

With more harmonious heart rhythms you will have fewer worries about  blood clots, especially a leg blood clot, blood clots in lungs and heart!

So, if your doctor says you have AFIB... Or, before your doctor says “take warfarin for the rest of your life,” for AFIB, meaning anti coagulant drugs, or blood thinners, we hope you will first try our recommended apps or devices.

You may ASK US about:

  • Safe natural blood thinners.
  • Natural blood thinners that can be taken alongside blood thinner medications or anticoagulants such as warfarin, Coumadin, Xaralto.
  • Increased risk of Alzheimers, diabetes and hardening of the arteries with using warfarin or Coumadin longterm.

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