Natural Stress Relief Pills
That work like Ativan, Valium & Xanax

Here's all natural stress relief pills proven to be a natural cure for anxiety!

Not only have these all natural stress relief supplements been shown to be a natural cure for anxiety and to help with sleep, but there's even more!

  • This natural cure for anxiety helps you relax AND also to lose weight!

How? These natural supplements for anxiety work by lowering your stress hormone cortisol -- the one that keeps your fat from budging. That's right, they can help you lose weight!

Prescription meds for stress and anxiety, on the other hand, are addictive, so in the long run they cause MORE serious anxiety symptoms when you try to get off these meds!

Best to try natural supplements for anxiety that have clinical research for proven stress relief. And you get an extra bonus of helping you lose weight and get that stubborn fat off!

Yes, there are clinically - proven natural stress relief pills that work in the brain like Diazepam -- like Valium, like Xanax and like Ativan.

These Natural Stress Relief Pills Work!

A clinical trial done by Dr. Santuré showed a significantly reduction in stress symptoms in the group taking these NATURAL anti stress -- this, natural cure for anxiety, compared to the placebo group:

People experienced relief in these 5 key areas of stress and anxiety:

• digestive

• cardiovascular

• intellectual

• emotional

• social problems

These five indicators all significantly improved with the PNT 200 natural supplements for anxiety, but not the placebo group.

(Clinical Trial: Anti-stress efficacy of PNT 200 on stressed women by Marta Santuré, Ph.D. Dr. Santuré specializes in the anti-hypertensive properties of peptides at Laval University.)

How to Sleep When Your Mind’s Racing?

When you are “over the top” and “buzzed” and can’t stop your mind from racing, these are the stress relief pills that will help. Why?

These natural supplements for anxiety are “anti anxiolic” so they can be a natural cure for anxiety due to an over-active mind!

Why not use anti-anxiolic drugs are: Valium (Diazepam), Xanax (Alprazolam) and Ativan (Lorazepam) long term?

  • These prescription drugs should not be used more than 100 pills in total or THEY WILL MAKE YOUR SLEEP WORSE!

Why risk the negative effects of these drugs?

How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep?

If you are sleeping normally, you will go into a rem 4 sleep in the early morning, just before you wake up.

  • You will only notice the rem 4 sleep if you happen to get into it later than normal and your alarm goes off. That's when you feel very drowsy, almost unable to move at first. It’s that “I want to go back to sleep just for a few more minutes” type of feeling.

Rem 4 sleep allows the body to repair and refresh. Without it, you gradually get into a no-sleep cycle that is hard to break. You can become depressed, anxious, worried, fatigued, and totally mess up hormones and adrenal glands.

Prescription drugs do not allow you to get good rem 4 sleep!

How Can These Natural Stress Relief Pills work Like Natural Ativan, Like Valium, Like Xanax?

With natural stress relief pills you can more likely get into rem 4 sleep in the beginning of the night!

Why? This milk peptide technology helps your body to immediately go into the rem 4 sleep cycle. Even if you only get 4 hours of sleep, you still will have had your “healing, refreshing” sleep.

After you have taken them consistently, you will sleep longer and longer and eventually get back into the sleep pattern you normally had.

  • What is so wonderful about these natural supplements for anxiety to help you re-train your body, so you can stop taking two of these simple stress relief capsules 20 minutes before bedtime.

By contrast, prescription drugs don't allow you to get back into your normal pattern. In fact, there are many warnings on them because they can be so addictive; you won’t be able to sleep without them after 100 days.

So you can try these natural supplements for anxiety because they are NOT habit-forming!

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Best Natural Cure for Anxiety for You?

If you are anxious during the day, you can take ONE extra capsule of this stress relief anxiety reliever during the day to help you cope better.

  • One capsule will not “put you to sleep ” during the day, so it can be used “on demand” when you start to feel anxious, or for social anxiety when in a crowd or at a stressful interview!

When you first start taking this stress relief supplement, you might not notice anything for a few days.

It takes a while to relax a body that has been craving sleep. Just continue for a few days and you will start noticing that you will be sleeping 15 minutes longer, then 20 minutes etc.

As this happens, you should also notice you wake up feeling less tired, better prepared for the day, and much more alert.

This is an all-natural, no side effects product that does everything Valium does! Like Valium – it works on the same brain receptors -- it works as a muscle relaxant.

But unlike Valium, it is not addictive.

After you have gotten the benefits from this natural stress relief supplement, put a bottle in your cupboard so that when something comes up, you can ‘pop’ them as needed.

  • Anti-depressant users should consult their physician and work this all natural stress relief supplement into their treatment program

Stress Relief Pills for Anxiety and ADHD

These stress relief pills can be tried rather than prescription drugs, and is 100% safe, with no side effects. It can actually work the same as antidepressants, muscle relaxants, and even replace Ritalin for some!

Better yet, it has a patent for use --in other words, this patent is for “drug replacement” in the U.S.

  • These stress relief pills start working in 30 minutes and lasts about 6 hours!
  • Two capsules will calm you down; more has the opposite effect for children who are using Ritalin.

These natural supplements for anxiety can be used by children as well as by adults for calming down!

Even anxious pets such as cats and dogs that need calming down have benefited from these stress relief pills!

Links for Insomnia, Anxiety and Better Sleep

We trust you have found our recommendation for OTC anxiety relief and sleep aids helpful.

Natural supplements for anxiety may not work as quickly as prescription meds that "hit you over the head," but they can be a gentle natural cure for anxiety.

  • Why not try proven, over the counter sleep aids first, so you don't need prescription sleep medications like Atian and Valium.
  • You can avoid long term addiction problems and drug side effects because these meds will eventually add to your anxiety and stress problems!
  • Not only can you calm down during the day, but also learn how to sleep better without prescription sleep medications, by using these natural stress relief pills .

Not only are these good stress and anxiety relievers, but you will have better weightloss and sleep!

Stress Relief Pills a Natural Cure for Anxiety! Try Natural Supplements for Anxiety that work like Ativan, Valium, or Xanax

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