Red Wine and Anti Aging Effects?
Scientists Find, Not Most Red Wines!

Yes, it is true, scientists have confirmed red wine and anti aging effects.


Here is what researchers found when they took a closer look at red wine and anti aging benefits:

Yes, moderate drinkers of red wine have been found in population studies to have less heart disease than non drinkers.

What's the catch?

  • Only traditional production methods were found to give the high yields of the active ingredient found abundantly in the wines where people live longer, as in SW France and in Sardinia in Italy.
  • What is that ingredient?

What Causes Red Wine's Anti Aging Effects?

A research team tested wines from the regions in SW France and Sardinia that are associated with longevity to see if they were different from wines from other countries and conducted mass spectrometry tests.

  • They found surprisingly higher levels of polyphenols in these wines than in more modern wines from “new world” countries – up to 5 to 10 times higher.

What was the difference?

“The traditional production methods used ensure that the beneficial compounds are efficiently extracted. This may explain the strong association between consumption of traditional tannic wines with overall wellbeing, reflected in greater longevity.” (Nature, Nov 30, 2006)

What is the protective ingredient?

Professor Roger Corder from Queen Mary’s William Harvey Research Institute and Professor Alan Crozier from the University of Glasgow used laboratory tests to screen for biological activity and then purified the most potent polyphenols.

When they purified the most biologically active polyphenols, they identified PROCYANIDINS to be the most abundant flavanoid in red wine – up to 1 gram per liter they found in some traditional style red wines.

  • Fortunately, there are other foods that contain procyanidins, such as dark chocolate, apples and cranberries.
  • Resveratrol benefits are also typically mentioned as a key beneficial component in red wine.

However, the researchers found the levels of this polyphenol to be so low that you would have to drink 1000 liters a day to get the benefits. To guarantee your sources of resveratrol, you are best to add a resveratrol supplement.

What Red Wine and Anti Aging Effects?

What’s different about traditional wines?

Traditional wines use full extraction methods, require more skill to make, and are more tannic. Newer wines are often described as having “smooth tannins” or “ripe tannins,” with less or virtually no procyanidins.

Researchers identified the following factors that affect the procyanidin content: the wine maker’s selection of grapes based on ripeness, the contact time between seeds and skins with the fermenting juice, and whether any filtration is done.

  • Traditional wines have a 3 – 4 weeks fermentation and maceration with seeds and skins, resulting in the full extraction of procyanidins.

Modern style wines typically only have a few days fermentation with seeds and skin, which is only just enough time to extract the color from the skins.

  • Overripe grapes make a wine with less procyanidins and higher sugar. A red wine that is sweeter and is higher in alcohol, has almost no procyanidins.

Red Wine and Anti Aging Tested

YES, there are heart-protective effects of procyanidins on the blood vessels, giving red wine's anti aging benefits.

  • Laboratory tests have shown benefits on arterial function -- polyphenols have been shown to have a vascular protective effect on the endothelial cells that line the arteries, according to Professors Corder and Crozier.

However, you won’t get the red wine and anti aging benefits by drinking smooth, sweet, very alcoholic wines.

  • The pattern of wine drinking that gives the best health benefits is by using smaller amounts -- one or two glasses with a meal.

Which Red Wines for Anti Aging Benefits?

The clinical trials on grape seed extract have shown that 200 to 300 mg per day will lower blood pressure. Two small 125 ml glasses of procyanidin-rich red wine would provide this amount, say the researchers.

Which wines do they suggest?

  • Using the tannat grape grown in southwest France is ideal.
  • They suggest the Madiran wine from the southwest France, and in general, the Cabernet sauvignon and Nebbiolo grapes.

Unfortunately the traditional wines are more costly and difficult to make, so that most wine makers choose not to make them.

Which Resveratrol Supplement Best of Anti Aging Supplements?

The best resveratrol supplement uses an active form from red wine grapes called TRANS-resveratrol.

Since you need 3 to 5 glasses or red wine for best resveratrol benefits, and this which would not be advised for driving, or other health reasons, so researchers say to buy resveratrol supplement instead.

Certainly when scientists added resveratrol benefits to a high fat, high calorie diet of mice, this stopped both cancer and heart disease from developing!

  • Resveratrol and cancer as well as heart disease – an easy choice for anti aging supplements!

(Harvard Medical School and the National Institute on Aging, published in the journal Nature)

  • Do you have an irregular heartbeat or AFIB?

Researchers have found that resveratrol causes the natural release of a substance called adenosine, which is used for drugs that help restore natural heart rhythm for an irregular heartbeat.

Why not try resveratrol benefits along with helping your irregular heart beat!

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Can you expect life extension with a resveratrol supplement?

Resveratrol research on different types of research animals --fish and fruit flies -- when given a resveratrol supplement, all improved their life span by 15%, or about 10 years for a human.

Yes, good resveratrol sources include a resveratrol supplement – a good bet for an anti aging diet.

You can get red wine and anti aging effects from resveratrol supplements for more consistent resveratrol sources.

  • The BEST resveratrol supplement contains TRANS-Resveratrol, which is an ACTIVE form taken from the seeds, skins, and stems of red wine grapes.

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We hope that you have found our postings on red wine and anti aging to be of value.

  • Wine and chocolate are still on the best anti aging products list!

The good news is that people who enjoy a daily tipple are less likely to develop heart disease.

In recent years, there have been scores of separate studies suggesting that drinking alcohol is good for your heart -- not JUST red wine and anti aging!

  • A comprehensive review of 140 studies concluded that people who drink in moderation are 14 to 25 % less likely to develop heart disease compared to those who never touch a drop.
  • The medical evidence is that alcohol, in moderation, protects against heart disease by significantly increasing the levels of "good" cholesterol, and this reduces fatty deposits in the blood vessels.


Up to one drink or 15 grams of alcohol a day for women, and up to 2 drinks or 30 grams of alcohol a day for men.

THE TYPE OF ALCOHOL DOES NOT MATTER -- wine, beer, spirits, according to a "meta" study published by Dr. William Ghali in the British Medical Journal.

Despite problems of alcohol abuse, when researchers look at overall mortality, they say that moderate drinking is more beneficial than it is harmful.

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